Monday, March 30, 2009

whats not to love about my husband???

he is truly a role model lana and i will ALWAYS look up to!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

and more pictures of lana...

here are some pictures from lana's 4th week with us!

go ducks? huh?

cute purple outfit from my aunt!

i LOVE hugs!!!

the laugh without sound! but so adorable!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

my trip to the denton county DA office

yep, you read that right. i took a trip up to the pouring visit mr. paul johnson...our county district attorney. while in the waiting room, i was sitting next to a man trying to get a felony charge off of his record. wow. did i feel out of place or what! ha! but you're never going to believe why i was up there! i got a call a few weeks ago from their office because they had a restitution check for me! yep! i'm not sure what happened, but i got the money back for the stuff that lady stole off my porch! who knew that something would actually come out of it! amazing. i love flower mound police for not laughing at me when i filed a police report for $160 worth of goods. and i love the DA's office for actually pursuing such a small case. :) what a happy ending! THE END!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

we're alive....

so i used to get so frustrated once people would have babies...they would completely stop updating their blogs! and i would check DAILY trying to see how things were going, but nothing new was ever up. ok. i get it now. it's called "sleep and playing with your baby is WAY more fun than blogging syndrome"....and i have it BAD! :)

lots going on in the libby house right now. drew's parents came in town on Sunday and will be here a few weeks to help out. YEAH! so far, i've had 2 nights in a row of 7 hours of sleep! meredith is taking the nighttime feeding and it's giving me some much needed rest. can i say how much i LOVE my mother in law? there are no words. :) but we're really enjoying having company and they're really enjoying their little granddaughter (kim, i wish you were here to meet her!)

lana update: after feeding we usually give lana some 'wake time'...she loves her little jungle gym. it's awesome for tummy time! she's already started lifting her head up from the floor and she's only 3 weeks old! she always holds it up when you hold her, but pulling it up from the floor is HUGE! she sleeps SO well at night. we try to let her sleep as long as possible after her 930pm feeding. usually she goes to almost 2am--makes me VERY happy! we're hoping she's going to be sleeping through the night a few weeks before i go back to work. we're doing babywise and its really helping us get there! LOVE schedules. lana has started smiling, but it's not voluntary...doesn't matter. it's so cute and shows off her dimples! we still don't know who she looks like, so we're thinking she's just a good blend of us both. i don't think i can explain how great she is. life is so much more fun with her here!!!!

here are some pictures....

first play date...with camryn kirksey

mellowed out during wake time

lana in her jungle gym

first sponge bath...

first bottle feeding (but not formula yet!)

just too cute to not include! :)

reading time with daddy

more to come later! if you want to see more pics, click on the 'lana's pictures' link on the left.....

happy tuesday!

Friday, March 6, 2009

good news!

we went back to the doctor this morning and her level of jaundice is down to 11.6! that means no more sleeping in the bulb bed because we're officially out of high risk zone! this makes mom & dad SUPER happy!!!! thank you for the prayers!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

dr. appt

this morning we went back to the pedi to have more blood work done....poor lana. her heels have been stuck so many times for these blood samples! but she's a trooper! didn't even flinch! to give a little bit of background...lana was born about a week early therefor increasing her chances of jaundice. not a big deal...lots of babies are born with it. when we left the hospital tuesday the reading was 9.4. wednesday at our first pedi visit, they checked it again and it was 16.4 which meant we were in the 'high risk' zone. we went back today and after a night of laying in the 'tanning bed' she's back down to 12.6. the cooks childrens guy who delivered the equipment to our house last night said that the real danger is in how high the levels get prior to day 5 of infant life--the high risks of jaundice decrease significantly by then. if it gets in the mid 20s there's a chance for brain damage. you should really read up on it...kinda interesting stuff. or maybe you shouldn't if you're pregnant. it'll just really freak you out. and as always, don't believe everything you read on the internet. we were given a really good pamphlet by cooks childrens and have a pretty good understanding of what's going on now. but just keep lana & us in your prayers. she has to stay in this bed 24 hours a day until we get a doctor's release. it's tough on her & us because we don't get to hold her other than feedings. and those stupid goggles! gosh! who wants to sleep with that on! she's used to being swaddled when she sleeps but she's only allowed to have diapers on in the bed. just not a lot of fun right now. drew and i are sleeping in the living room next to lana so we're getting even less sleep than normal. i'd say between2 & 3 hours. :( so anyway, i gotta go take a nap! keep praying! we're seeing improvement! YEAH!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009



first of all, i was in tears that my little one is having to go thru something like this already! but i just HAD to share this picture with you. God is giving us something to laugh about during a tough situation. we go back to the doctor in the morning. be in prayer for us and we'll let you know what they say tomorrow!

little lana is starting her life out in a tanning bed with some RAD shades!

by the way...we need some prayers! we left the hospital yesterday and they said lana had a little bit of jaundice. after our pedi visit today, it's gotten worse. they're sending over some bulbs that we have to keep her under to make it go away. it's super scary!!! please be in prayer over our little girl!

hello, world!

ok, this is gonna have to be at lightning speed...i have exactly 1 hour and 12 minutes until i have to feed next--and break that out into a shower, blog, laundry, can see why i can't write much! but i wanted to brag on my beautiful daughter! i'll write the labor story later (fun times).

Lana Brianne Libby
Born Sunday March 1, 2009 at 7:10am
6lbs 13.5 oz 19.25 inches long
she has blonde hair and we can't tell who she looks like yet!
Drew and I are exploding with LOVE for our little girl!

right after birth sunday morning

here's our little burrito girl in her HUGE crib! and the mosaic letters drew & i made on our valentine's day date.

here's that blonde hair i was talking about! what in the world! :)

here's a picture of her swaddled in her bouncy chair this morning! so alert!

that's all for now. thank you for the prayers! i don't think delivery could've gone any smoother! we're all at home now, healthy, and learning all about being parents!