Friday, July 16, 2010


ok, so this'll be my last post of the night. drew's almost home from golfing, and i'm practically caught up on telling you about life! :) so this'll be random...just a little of everything we've been doing lately.

last weekend on my way to the grocery store i noticed a garage sale with this in it! i ran home, got drew/cash, and we went back to get it. i think it was a hit! for $13!!

she loves sittin in it

last weekend drew and i were also in a wedding for some dear friends, richi & bambi. here are a few pics from the rehearsal dinner.

listening to the wedding day instructions for the bridesmaids

we were upstairs at a house doing the rehearsal while lana was downstairs eating at the table like a big girl!

lana and her friend, seoul (i know i'm spelling that wrong! I'm so sorry!!!)

drew's groomsman gift was the perfect size....for lana.

the beautiful bride on the right, lisa, a bridesmaid on the left

i got lana a booster chair/spacesaver high chair from consignment today. i thought it'd be nice if lana could sit at the dinner table with us, rather than off to the side in her high chair. i know i know. the high chair was working just fine. but this was a steal! and a hit!

sitting at the table, eating off a plate with her fork. what a big girl!

ok, i think that's it. when i get more pictures, i'll tell you more stories!

by the way...the wedding was beautiful. the skies cleared just in time for the ceremony to start. it was outside and the temperature was perfect (during the reception). couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!


drew and i took lana one sunday afternoon to the flower mound community activity center. we only payed the daily rate, but we're thinking this could be something we'd want to join...if nothing else for the pool! they have some crazy slides, a lazy river, lots of different pools....its really cool and CHEAP! :) here are some pics!

lana had no issue jumping into the pool! she's a little fish!

getting excited about jumping in!

lana and momma

the 'toddler' area of the pool--very cool. call me if you wanna go!

the 'big kids' area...drew REALLY wanted to go down the slide...but refrained

just walkin around in the pool...we were pleasantly surprised at how independent she is...didn't have any problems walking, falling down, going under water, and coming back up chokin....she would just laugh! :)

she also has NO fear of heights/tall slides...we sent her down this one solo many times, but have no pics...i had to be at the bottom to catch her! haha

oh boy!

boy am i way behind on blogging!

so, at the end of june/beginning of july drew, lana, and i headed to oregon for some fun family time. we flew into portland where drew's parents were waiting for us. they picked up lana, took her back to roseburg, and drew and i stayed in portland for a few days to celebrate our 5th anniversary. it was a lot of fun and so nice to sleep in!!!

we shopped, ate, walked around, saw movies...everything that so easily becomes complicated or impossible with a little one. the only sad part is i have no pictures to document our time.

after 3 days, drew and i headed down to roseburg to spend time with the family. i love going to oregon because i know it's going to be game-central! i love that. my family played a lot of games growing up, but we just don't seem to be able to do it anymore with all the kids around. but we have a good time eating brownies and playing games up in oregon. great memories.

a few days later i flew home to go back to work. lana and drew stayed 2 more days so i was able to have some 'jamie' time. i can't tell you the last time i had alone time! i thought i was going to be so sad and lonely....oh boy was it nice, though! i read a whole book, watched a few rangers games, and just kinda did whatever i wanted. a nice break. but i was really looking forward to drew and lana coming home.

well, that about sums up our trip. i'm waiting on pictures, so i'll upload them when i get some. drew took some on his phone, so that's what i'll leave you with! ENJOY!

at the airport in eugene with grandpa

on grandpa's boat...loving it!

hanging out on the boat

at the park with corbin and bryson

sitting on the plane--the flight into portland

happy friday!