Saturday, September 26, 2009

videos and more videos

you're gonna all have to bear with me....

we've got lots of cute little things to share with family, so you all get to see the videos too! some of them might not be as great in your opinion, but when you're the proud momma, grandparents, etc, they're all amazing! :) you'll have to pardon the cheesiness...i was playing around with iMovie and might've got a little carried away. this is what happens when a VERY non creative person gets ahold of "creative" programs....cheese! haha

this first one is lana eating...she's discovered that she doesn't need a wash rag! she'll 'lick em clean'!!

this one is kinda long. but she uses this bear/blanket to go to sleep...and gets so excited when we give it to her!!

and this last one is the best. this week she's started the army crawl! she scoots everywhere! we're having to keep an eye on her because she moves so fast! i'm NOT ready for this! but it's so much fun! :)

today drew is scouting in corsicana. that's 3 weekends in a row out of town for football. katy, waco, now corsicana. rough month!

today is my nephew, judah's 4th birthday! i really wanted to take a day trip with my mom and brother down to houston to celebrate, but knew lana wouldn't be able to handle 10 hours in the car. so i sent his gift with my mom and they're gonna eat some cake for us.

other than that, not a lot going on. we're staying extremely busy with life....still LOVING our financial peace university class. we're learning so much and i just love the concept of paying everything in cash. points, schmoints! we don't need stinkin credit cards! :) we don't have debt (unless you count school loans) but we just feel there's so much to learn! any tips we get i'll be glad to share!

hope you all have a super weekend! it's lana's nap time...therefore, its MY nap time!

Monday, September 21, 2009

weekend fun in waco!

well, this past weekend we took lana on her first trip out of the metroplex. and where did we choose to go? WACO! haha marcus was playing katy in football (like last year) and their game was in waco. so lana and i went along for the ride. it was actually my first time out of the metroplex since CHRISTMAS! i know. pathetic. i don't get out much! :(

but we had a fantastic time. the game was fun...met lots of people thanks to lana! and she got REALLY sunburned. that's another strike against me. not a good mom. i had a hat for her, but they wouldn't let me leave the stadium to go get it without buying another ticket to get back in. so, i tried to shelter her. by halftime, we moved to the shade. it was too late.

drew and i have started the financial peace university--dave ramsey--class. it's so fantastic. i think i'm having more fun than i should being on this budget. but maybe it's not being on the budget as much as being able to create one! i'm such a nerd. literally.

lana is back to normal. sleeping and eating very well. she was a little small for her 6 month appointment. she had been getting over a stomach bug, so she only weighed 13lbs. but she's probably back up to normal by now.

she's sitting up for short periods of time by herself; feeds herself from her bottle; and just has more of a personality these days. we're having so much fun with her! she's such a blessing to us!

oh! and we finally closed on our refinance! HOORAY!!!!!

no other news. lana is grabbing my arm, so clearly it's time to eat! here's a picture of lana in her new acu get up and one of her sunburn!

enjoy your week!

Monday, September 7, 2009


well, i think lana is still sick. she hadn't thrown up since friday morning...until now.

she hasn't been napping hardly at's a fight to get her to fall asleep. she screams when we lay her down and just cries and cries. we try to let her cry it out, but how far are you supposed to take it when she's recovering from a sickness (or so we thought...maybe a relapse now). but drew and i are so exhausted! she wants to be held ALL the time...but doesn't want to be laying down on you. you can see how that makes it difficult to nap....

the diarrhea has stopped, so that's good. and she's still eating pretty well. she just refuses to take solids. we added formula to her bottle last night, so we're going to start adding it back in today too. she's been waking up 2x a night, and i'm sure a lot of that has to do with hunger...she's not eating enough because she doesn't feel well enough to eat like normal. i completely understand that.

she's also started this separation anxiety thing....if we walk out of the room, she starts wailing... which i'm sure in part is why she's having a hard time going to sleep. she's freaking out cause we're not in there. in her cries, you can hear how exhausted she is, but she just gets so upset about us leaving her that she can't go to sleep.

i feel like we're starting over. she had just started getting really good at solids...i'm talking a whole container of carrots in 15 minutes! and we were adding more and more formula to her bottle to wean her off milk, and she LOVED her crib...we could put her down wide awake and in 5 seconds, she's soothed herself and would be out for the night. all night.

i'm praying (with ALL of my heart) that this relapse is just because she's sick. please pray for little lana to get better and for our sanity! :)

on a lighter note, this weekend lana has learned to spit. how she figured this out, i have no clue. last night she and drew were going back and forth and it was hysterical. but of course, as soon as the camera came out, the game ended. i did get some video of her by herself, though. (but don't teach your kids this! we're gonna have a time teachin her that this is not ok! haha)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

no bueno

our little lana has been so sick lately.

first of all, let me just give a disclaimer that this might be hard to follow...i want to update everyone on whats going on, but i'm not sure i can stay awake long enough to proof read! :)

moving on....

monday i kept her home because she started projectile vomiting at 430am! she soaked me twice! i put a call in to the doctor and they said to keep her home the rest of the day. so i did....and we went back to daycare/work tuesday. everything was fine. then tuesday night i noticed she had a killer diaper rash. no biggie. just throw a little desitin on there and we're good. nope. apparently the diarrhea from teething (and the stomach bug going around) was so acidic and so frequent, it started eating at the skin...and she was bleeding! who knew diaper rashes could get so bad! so, wednesday she was in so much pain from this bleeding diaper rash/possible yeast infection that the daycare made me take her home. she was inconsolable and wouldn't eat/sleep/play. she would only slightly calm down if she was being held (let me just throw in that it was NOT bleeding when i dropped her got progressively worse. i'm not that terrible of a mom!!!). poor little lana. so i took her home around lunch time, loaded her up with lotrimin (anti-fungal cream--good for yeast infections on babies! who knew!), desitin, and baby powder. then i took her outside naked and we just aired her out! :) i think she enjoyed being naked, honestly. but we definitely don't want her to get used to that!

so today i took her back to daycare because her rash was significantly better. she did have a small bout of projectile vomiting last night that concerned included dry-heaving into the sink. i swear, i've been a wreck all week just watching my little girl be so sick! it's terrible. but, we took her to daycare today and i was able to go back to work. until....lunch time. projectile vomiting back. she soaked the teacher, her crib, and her clothes (let me also bring up that by the time i get to daycare every morning, she's blown out her diaper and needs to be changed into a new outfit. so this was her third outfit for the day.) they gave me an illness report which means she can't go back to daycare tomorrow. what in the world. i was out monday, 1/2 day wednesday, 1/2 day thursday, and now she can't go in friday either? talk about an unproductive week! drew is going to go to practice in the morning, he's got a sub from 9-3, so he'll be home with her and i'll go to work. and then i'll be back in time for him to get to afternoon practice and scouting. this is tough. the worst part is that i have NO vacation thanks to maternity leave. none at all. and when lana is sick, that's a vacation day...not a sick day. ugh. pray for lana. i just want her to get better. you can tell she doesn't feel well, and that's just sad to see her not her smiley self.

after i got her home today, i fed her some pedialyte and we took a long nap. she hasn't thrown up or anything since we've been home. she's had 1 messy diaper, but looks like she might be getting better. the pediatrician (who i've spoken to MANY times this week!) said there was a nasty stomach bug going around...apparently lana got it. the twins in her class had it about a week ago, so i guess i should've been expecting it. looks like lana's got my sickly genes for now...i was hoping she'd just naturally be born with drew's super human immune system. no such luck. maybe she'll still develop it!

so, this weekend we were going to either head to houston to visit my sister or just kinda get away from home, but stay close (staycation). well, neither is going to happen now! sick baby, diaper rash from heck, and drew and i are just flat out pooped. we're both extremely stressed out and overwhelmed with work. so, pray that we're able to find some peace this weekend and get caught up to start next week fresh.

lana turned 6 months on the 1st, so next wednesday is shots day! pray for that too! i hope she's better in time to get those shots!

hope you all have a super holiday/long weekend!