Friday, June 18, 2010

special day

it's my 5th anniversary!!!

today, drew and i are celebrating by going to see toy story 3. i'm taking a half day, and bambi has offered to watch lana for us. i'm pretty excited. i'm not exactly a movie person, but i think toy story3 is going to be so fun!

hope you all enjoy MY (our) anniversary! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

lana's week at home with drew

i will definitely add more words to this, but i'm trying to get a video up for some people to see! so....more to come. here's a cute video for now! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

lana update!

well, we just got back from lana's 15month appointment. and of course i'm putting off going in to work as long as possible. so while lana takes a nap (and i make sure she's going to be ok to go to daycare) i'll blog!

lana is:

29 5/8 inches tall--this is about an inch growth since her 12 month appt and in the 25th percentile.

19 lbs 10 oz--this is about a 2lb gain since her 12 month appt and in the 7th percentile. (we've been putting formula in her milk to help her gain weight, but let's face it...she's a skinny girl! we could have worse problems!)

perfect! she's right on track with everything developmentally, which is great. i'm not a fan of daycare at all, but we have her in a place that's practically not daycare. the best option possible for our circumstances. so i'm just happy she's getting so much love, attention, instruction and learning what she needs to!

on memorial day we played out in the front yard in the hippo pool we got her last year...oh how things have changed since then. just for grins, lets compare.....

i remember she was propped up here...we were afraid she was going to topple over into the pool!

couldn't even stand up...nor could she fight wearing the sunglasses!

waiting patiently to get in...thanks for the new swim suit nana and grandpa!

lovin the outdoor bathtub!

happy wednesday!