Wednesday, December 17, 2008


oh how frustrating! the detective called me today at work and said he had the girl i picked out in the line up at the station. he had been talking with her and her story was EXACTLY the same as mine as far as interactions go...names, dates, conversation. but her story differs from mine when we start talking about the packages. she claims she was sitting on 1171 in traffic...noticed trash cans on our street, and went on our street to go thru some of the trash (because some people leave chairs, tables, etc by their cans and say it's free to anyone who wants them). i say this can't be true because trash comes on thursday....she stole my stuff on a friday. and not only that, but my trashcans were in my garage...and who puts perfectly taped/unopened packages by a trashcan anyway? anyone? no. so then she said that she let me go through her car to see if my stuff was in there. not true either. and she claims she was never even on my porch--this one is tough because i never actually saw her on my porch. i saw 3 packages when i pulled in my garage, walked thru my house, saw her walking away with 2 packages in her hand, and that i now only had 1 package on my porch. i never saw her on my porch.

the detective said that he wasn't saying he was believing her side of the story necessarily, it was just weird that she didn't say, "it wasn't me. i don't know what you're talking about". (but how could she! i had a license plate number & picked her out! obviously it was her!) she instead told almost an identical story to mine--names of people and everything! he said he was going to refer the case to the DA to look at and decide if there's enough evidence to prosecute. if there was, then i'd have to testify against her. now that part REALLY freaks me out. because i'm pregnant, my memory is pretty shot, and i'm not sure i can remember everything the way it really happened a month ago! talk about not fair! and if you think about it, it's really only $160 in merchandise. is that a big enough deal to go to court for? what i really want is for her to just admit she screwed up, and then pay JCP & my vitamin company back the money they're out for having to reship my goods. that would be good enough for me! but no. the thought of the case being taken to the DA hasn't scared her into a confession! how bizarre! which also makes me start doubting there something i THOUGHT i saw, but didn't really?

so i need prayers, guys. this is ridiculous. i wish it would all just go away. i'm sick of dealing with it. and i know i could ask them to just drop everything, but i also really want justice to be served. this is not something i want to be dealing with right before christmas, and definitely not with only 11 weeks until i give birth! that's a little too much stress for me! :)

hopefully the next post will be a little more exciting (in a positive way!) than this one. happy wednesday, everyone!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

big head, but i still love her!

well, today has been pretty eventful! i got up around 730 (thanks to a late doctors appointment!) and went down to the FM police station. the detective had called me yesterday at work to see if i could come in and identify the girl who stole my packages in a photo line up! i was so nervous about it because i didn't want to falsely identify someone. but then again, if it wasn't the picture of the girl registered to the car, i doubt they'd do anything anyway. luckily, i quickly identified her! i couldn't believe that i actually remembered! i mean, normally i have a freakishly good memory, but this pregnancy stuff has completely thrown me for a loop! at first, he wasn't going to tell me if i picked right or not, but at the very end, he told me i did. i doubt anything will come of this, but i'm resting in the fact that i've done all i can do! whatever happens from here on out is completely in God's hands.

after the police station, i had to fly to the doctor...i guess i wasn't watching my time too well. today was my glucose test (i'm just about 28 weeks!). i had to make sure i was having my blood drawn exactly 1 hour after drinking this super yummy chalky orange really wasn't that gross, but i'm not trading in my orange fanta for it! i got there in plenty of time, had my blood drawn, and should have those results back on monday. my appointment wasn't anything special. i guess she's getting to the age where you can't see all of her on one screen, so i was back to not knowing what in the world i was looking at. here's the important stuff: her head is measuring about 8 days ahead of schedule--i'm thinking she got that from the libby side. the rest of her body is measuring about 1-2 weeks smaller than her gestation....i'm not sure where that's coming from. i was an 8lb 4oz baby, so who knows. the last appointment (granted, that was week 20) she was in the 48th she's in the 24th. the doctor says it's nothing to worry about. she's still within the normal range of everything, just small--with a big head! :) her heart rate has slowed down to about 127 bpm, and she's already turned with her head down. i think it's great news that she's already turned with her head down! less likely i'll need a c-section! woohoo! but from now on, i go to the doctor every 2 weeks. my next appointment is on christmas eve! hopefully drew will get to go to that one since he'll be off work.

other than that, not a lot going on. drew won his first 8th grade game last thursday, so we're looking for a repeat tonight. tomorrow night we have a christmas part at my friend, joanna's house. and saturday will be full of running errands and relaxing, i'm sure.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

it's december!

here's an update on what's been going on with us.

Police Front:
i still haven't heard back from the detective...not that i'm really expecting to, though.

Baby Front:
we found out our baby bedding was on final clearance at pbkids, so we just went ahead and bought it ourselves...couldn't afford to wait it out for showers. it was so hard just finding that bedding. but the room is all set up (minus stuff on the walls). we went last weekend and started registering...2 1/2 hours into it, my feet were throbbing, i was hungry, and i think both of our brains hurt from over thinking everything. that is NOT something you just wake up one morning and decide to go do. there's research that needs to be done! if only i'd known! hopefully we'll finish up this weekend. next week i have my week 28's the big glucose test. i'm sure everything will be fine. this saturday also marks the beginning of my 3rd (and FINAL) trimester! it's flying by! still no pictures.... sorry. i'm afraid of the camera (it adds 10 lbs! haha) OH! and i think we might have settled on a name, but none of you will get to know it until she's born. something has gotta be a surprise, right?

Thanksgiving Front:
thanksgiving was actually pretty neat this year. we hosted at our house--had my brother, mom & dad over to ONE meal! i used to get really upset when my parents would say to just combine holidays--i'd think, "they can't have their cake & eat it too." but now i'm realizing, that given our circumstances, we're actually pretty lucky that our parents still get along and are willing/wanting to be a family at those important times of the year! so, we decided to do it again for christmas. YEAH!

Christmas Front:
still no tree up. boo! :( maybe this weekend.
drew & i leave for oregon in 3 1/2 weeks. pray for safe travel & that they'll let me on the plane. i'm not really big or anything (ha! i could totally be lying, and most of you wouldn't even know!) but i hear that if you look like you're due any day, the airline might not let you fly....say a prayer because i'm REALLY looking forward to this vacation. and driving 30 hours each way wouldn't make it nearly as fun.

Drew Front:
tonight is drew's first 7th grade basketball game of the year. and tomorrow is the 8th grade. he's worried about his teams this year--i guess there's not a lot of raw talent like years past. many of them have never touched a basketball, and it sounds like they forget everything he teaches them in 5 seconds. he needs prayer for patience (but really, i'd say patience is one of his stronger attributes!). he's a good coach. i say, by the end of the year, they'll be fantastic as always.

Other News:
my sister is 12 weeks pregnant! yeah! she finishes her first trimester the same time i finish my 2nd. i was sad that our little girl wouldn't have any cousins close to her age within a 4 hour flight, but looks like she will now. but keep praying for my sister. she's got a 3 yr old and a 4 yr old already...had some complications at the beginning of this pregnancy, but it looks like prayer healed her! i love how God does the whole miracle thing. it's great!

other than that, not a lot going on around here. we're just enjoying the last few months of quiet before everything changes dramatically. i think we're going to get a christmas tree this weekend, but we'll have to see how that fits in with our 3 christmas parties....

it's almost christmas!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

police report update

the police in flower mound are so nice! of course, i wish i never would've had to figure that out, but oh well. i've really been beating myself up all weekend replaying what i could've done differently to get my stuff from her. but really i need to just let it go. yah, she did something really bad by stealing, but i'm pretty sure God will take care of it so i don't have to worry! and even though they probably won't catch her (because i'm sure everything has been sold on the black market by now), God really helped us out. i called my vitamin place and they reshipped my order free of charge to me. and we decided that 1. it needs a signature going forward, and 2. it'll be shipped to my work. i talked to jcp on friday, and they said they'd reship the mattress pads free of charge, also. so, thank you Lord for helping us out! who knows, maybe this lady REALLY needed the stuff she took from me. i think i'll write it off as a donation on my taxes....

all is well in the libby house again. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

i'm filing a police report....

forget it...i'm not waiting until the 21st to see if my stuff shows up. home girl DID steal my stuff. she said she was looking for house 3120 and that house doesn't exist on my street! AND! i called to see when my vitamins were delivered....friday--hence the 2 packages she was carrying. This is one time in my life when i am so super thankful for my amazing memory!

so today during lunch i am going back to flomo to file my police report....i'll update afterwards. i just want that lady to get what she deserves! THIEF! UGH!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


so i've got nothing to say, really. but i promised the people pictures, so the people will get pictures!

here's the new office/guest room & bookshelf

the computer desk--same but with a better background color!
the bed, dresser & lamp...still needs some work, but i see progress!
here's drew hard at work painting the nursery
more painting for drew!
the finished product...and crib...minus the mattress which is on its way! isn't the quilt cute?!
for now, the tv is still in the room...we haven't found it a new home yet!
here's the dresser & changing table...we need to get a changing pad, but we've got some time!
here's a view of the closet doors and the recliner that God must have relaxed in when resting on the 7th day of creation...seriously, it's that old. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

in honor of the sox, i will blog in red today

last night the sox faced elimination in game 5 of the ALCS versus tampa bay. the game started at 7pm....and i fell asleep at 730. some fan i am, right? guess i was tired. but at 9pm, i woke up, woke drew up (who was also asleep on the other couch) and we went to bed. no sense staying up to watch the sox lose, right? they were down 5-0 in the 5th. yikes. guess there's always next year. well, at 630 this morning, drew called me (freaked me out because no one ever calls the house phone that early unless its an emergency!) and told me "they won!" holy cow, what? yes, it's true. the sox came back from being down 7-0 to winning it in the 9th! they're the ultimate come back team!!!! GO SOX!

here's a pic of drew & me at fenway last summer!

tonight drew will be at the marcus/southlake game on the sidelines. i had every intention of going, but apparently, it's sold out. so, i think i may just go hang out with my mom instead. or, maybe i'll clean my house. that would be fun! (i'm in such a cleaning mood lately!) but i think marcus has a chance! southlake lost to coppell last friday in overtime, but that shows they're very much human now! they can actually lose!

tomorrow, i think we're going to go register! who knows if it's too early, too late, right one time, but i'm ready! and we've picked out the furniture we want, so that might be purchased this weekend as well. we'll see.

and if you missed it, there are pictures of our baby further down the blog!!!!

hope you all have a fantastic friday & weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

picture time!

hey guys! i went to my 20 week appointment today...the sono intensive one where they look at all of her organs one by one to make sure everything looks good. and everything is PERFECT! :)hooray! so pray that she stays super healthy!

the appointment was so much fun. i was sad that drew couldn't be there, but was able to get a lot on video so he could still 'be there'. unfortunately, i won't be able to load the's on VHS. i'm gonna have to find someone to transfer it to DVD before that can happen. our little one was such a performer today! she was stretching her legs out as much as she possibly could, which meant she was kickin my bladder--she likes to tap dance on it. actually, we caught her tapping her foot against it! and i thought maybe i'd been feeling her move, but wasn't sure. well, while we were looking at her she got the hiccups! and the hiccups must have scared her because she immediately kicked HARD! and that's when i confirmed that i have been feeling her move! most of the video she's burying her head in my organs trying to flip around....and her bum is up in the air! but at one point, she threw her head back, and slung her hand up on her forehead as if to say, "oh! this diva needs a break from all the paparazzi!" ha! apparently we've got a little drama queen on our hands! we're gonna have to nip that one in the bud real fast! :) but today was by far my favorite appointment. it's the first time i got to hear the heartbeat....weird, right? i'm so sad drew missed it! if i would've been on top of things, i could've recorded it on my phone for him....but of course i wasn't. :(

ok, this picture is the one where her head is thrown back and her little hand is on her brow! you can see her spinal cord, and her chest puffed out! and her little nose sticking up in the air (hopefully she's got drew's nose!)

this picture is kind of like a skeletal outline of her face....since her skin is so thin, you could see right thru her eyelids to her eye balls! kinda freaky! but still adorable. see the little bow drawn with dots on her forehead?

that's all for now! hope you all had as exciting of a wednesday as we did!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

90% accuracy...

so, we went to the doctor today. supposedly, if the baby cooperated, she could tell us what it is with 90% accuracy. the doc said she'd only been wrong 1 time in 3 years. i'd say that's pretty good odds! and did you know that if they say its a boy, it'll stay a boy. but if it's a girl, there's still a chance it could be a boy? wow. when we first got started looking at the baby on the screen, he/she wasn't cooperating. we had to keep pushing on my stomach to make it wiggle around. guess it's a modest little one (like it's mommy!) because he/she didn't wanna open his/her legs to show us the goods. so, after much poking & prodding, the doc announced (in her 90% accuracy voice) 'it's a girl'. hmm....i really don't know how to react to that. i'm honestly still in shock. but as mentioned above, she can still change to a boy (it's not that i'm hoping for this....i just REALLY thought it was a boy!)! so we'll just wait & see, and if it stays a girl, great. if it turns to a boy, great. i just really thought it was a boy, though. i mean, look at the poll! everyone else did too! what's up with this? i'll still love her just the same, but again, i'm in shock. i really only know how to deal with boys (having 4nephews 4 & under) i'm gonna have to brush up on my girly side (which has vacated since getting married...haha....too much ESPN can do that to anyone).

but baby is very healthy...a little bigger for her gestation than normal, but not by much. and i've only gained 3 lbs (at the end of my 16th week). so i'm looking pretty good myself. i haven't started to show or anything...just look a little thicker in the middle. so i'm gonna hold off on pictures until i actually look preggers. sorry. i know you've been waiting! :)

is anyone else still in shock?????

Monday, September 15, 2008

eating my words

i realize in my last post i said "i'll take headaches and occasional nausea over true morning sickness any day"......i take it back. i don't want ANY of it! i've lost count, really, but i think i've had at least 1 headache per day for the past 2 weeks (or more...again, i've lost count). every stinkin night i come home, take tylenol, and count every 3 1/2 - 4 hours when i can take more to knock me out for bedtime. has anyone else dealt with this? i'm serious. this is an EVERY DAY occurance! and i know all you people who are struggling to keep food down are wanting me to shut up and be happy that i'm not puking my guts out everyday, but really, i think it's all bad. i don't like any of these symptoms. i just wanna be fat & happy in my 2nd trimester!

this symptom is putting a huge damper on my personal life. Tri-2 is supposed to be the time when i get back to normal life and feeling 100% again...this is when i was supposed to get back into my running routine because my fatigue would finally be gone. instead, i'm finding myselft glued to the couch or in my bed non-stop because these headaches are killers. i have yet to make it to one of our small group meetings because the medicine doesn't really even help. thank goodness i have my 16 week appt on thursday. i'm gonna ask her about this one because i really don't like it!

in other news, drew made it to chicago this weekend with only minor delays. he & his friend tim made it to west lafayette, indiana for the oregon/purdue game with 45 minutes to spare. at first i was disappointed that i didnt get to go...but since i had a headache all weekend anyway, i probably would've been a party pooper. so, i'm really happy he got to go...and it was an incredible game! i won't bore you with the details, but trust me, it was a great game...and probably even better if you were AT the game.

other than that, i had a pretty uneventful weekend. i was able to vacuum my house saturday morning, but that's when life came to a halt and i started counting every 4 hours to take meds. and that pretty much carried through sunday. love it. ok, i'm done complaining.....for now. keep me in your prayers for my appt on thursday and for my headaches!

Monday, July 14, 2008


ok, so right now a geek squad dude is supposed to be at our house fixing our internet. but i just received a text from drew saying he hadn't showed up, and that they had no record of our appointment. really? Lord, why do you not want us to have the internet at home? i'm not really understanding.... :)

so here's a brief recap of our trip. and by brief, i mean BRIEF because who can really sqeeze 13 days of vacation into a single blog? not me! the first couple of days we were there we just kind of lounged around the apartment. we ran the 5K in the kona family fun run (there was also a marathon & half marathon in it) on sunday morning. it was pretty stinking humid cause we were running on a road right next to the beach. but it was so much fun! i ran with drew's mom most of the time while drew & his brother-in-law, scott, did their own thing. none of us finished in amazing record time, or anything, because we were really just trying to get our 30 minutes of cardio in.

every other day basically consisted of getting up, eating breakfast, deciding if we were going to lay by the pool or by the beach while i read my books. after swimming/reading (drew swam, i read) we would meet up with the rest of the family (drew's parents, sister, bro in law, and our 2 nephews went too) for lunch. after lunch i'd usually take a nap while drew swam more or played golf. and after that was more swimming/reading, or dinner! every time we went to the beach we saw sea turtles. drew even had a minor run-in with one in the ocean while he was swimming with bryson. i guess the turtle swam in between them, hit drew's leg with his leg, and that freaked bryson out enough to want to get out of the water. i think drew was a little freaked, too, though! :)

the hilton resort was right next to our timeshare, and we had access to it because our timeshare is owned by the hilton. it had the most amazing pools, restaurants, shops! i mean it! they had a water taxi service to take you down the canal so you wouldn't have to walk so far, and they also had a train! yes! a train! in case you didn't want to ride in the boats down the canal, there was a little train to take you throughout the resort! we could've lived there! in fact, maybe we'll move there. HA!

one day we got up early and drove up to the north tip of the island. drew had talked me into going saying there were 100ft waterfalls! so we made the 90 minute drive up with his parents stopping for coffee (gross!) and when we got there, no waterfalls in sight. the only thing i saw was the ocean from the top of a mountain. yes, pretty. but definitely not worth getting up at 620am! (anyone who knows me knows i am NOT a morning person, i do not get up just for the sake of going out for breakfast, and i really don't like hiking to get to yet another beach--similar to one i could've seen near the timeshare after being able to sleep in!) so anyway, i was very disappointed. we had a good 20 minute hike down the mountain to see the water, and then a 20 minute hike back up (because i was basically sprinting to the top to get the pain over with faster). grumpy guts. yes, that could've been my nickname that day. normally i would've been able to take the disappointment better, but i had gotten sick on tuesday with a head cold. the thermostat in the apartment was either off, or on 50, and that gave me some serious sniffles & congestion. no exaggeration on the temperatures, though. there was a screw in the thermostat that kept us from being able to adjust the temperature. we only needed air on at night because the highs for the days were only hitting in the mid 80s. but i was sick almost the entire time we were there--so as soon as we got back, i was at the doctor & on antibiotics!

we also went to a luau. it was the only hawaiian thing i did the whole time we were there. the food was really good & it was fun to see the dancers & the costumes. my favorite, of course, was the man twirling the fire rod. wow. i still don't know how they do stuff like that! drew's whole family had already done all the 'hawaiian' things before, so i was lucky i got to really just relax.

anyone who has been to hawaii knows they have amaing sunsets! so we tried to always eat dinner right when the sun was setting so we could watch it. the days are pretty short....the sun starts to set at about 7pm. and it's pitch dark by 720pm. it's pretty amazing how quickly it goes down.

when i think of more details to share, i'll post them. for now, here are a few pics of our trip! drew's parents & sister took more pictures, so i'll post them when i get them! enjoy!

dinner on the coast in kona

the view from the mountain with no waterfalls!

drew & the hula girls

this is the view from our apartment...the king's golf course.

here's a turtle that was sunbathing almost every day we went to the beach.

drew & our 5month old nephew, corbin

bryson learning to "surf"

another one of the beautiful hawaiian sunsets!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


its too late at night for me to come up with something clever to blog about, so i'll leave you with the cutest pictures ever of our nephew, bryson. he went fishing with grandpa libby (my father in law) yesterday in oregon, and was so excited he could hardly stand it! enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

happy anniversary!

today is my 3 year anniversary! i can hardly believe that drew & i have been married 3 seems like time is just flying by. we've had some pretty amazing adventures in our short marriage--good & bad. we've suffered with the break up of my parents marriage, wrecks & spiritual wrong turns of family members, and health issues; but rejoiced at births of new nephews, new churches, a new home, and re-newed faiths!

if this is an example of things to come in the future, i'm ready! it's so exciting waking up every morning knowing that you've got something God has put in place just for you--eternity. and i'm so happy to be living out my eternity with drew until we get to go 'home'. he's an amazing spiritual leader, and has been my constant thru all of our trying times. he's pushed me to study the Bible more, and encouraged me to relax and let God be in control of things. he's challenged my faith when i had unanswered questions and issues, and has pushed me into a deeper relationship with the Lord--which in turn only enhances our relationship as a married couple. he's been my accountability partner and said the hard things when no one else would. i'm so lucky to be married to him!!!

parents--you WANT my husband to teach & coach your child because of the amazing role model he is. i can only imagine what he'll be like as a parent! thank you, Lord, for knowing just what i was going to need in life--and for fulfilling that need with a wonderful patient man. i couldn't have done better myself! I LOVE GOD'S PLANS!!!! (usually! haha)

outside our church after the ceremony

cutting/feeding of the cake! YUM!

drivin away in the ferrari! (drew's favorite part!)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

WARNING! SCARY STORY! (unless its daytime!)

drew & i usually go to church on saturday nights. and last night we had a guest speaker who went to acu with our minister, chris & his wife, tara. the guy who spoke is marcus brecheen and he's the campus minister at the north richland hills location of gateway church in southlake. well, marcus spoke regarding 2Kings 6 that talks about the arameans and elisha--great sermon. but there was a part in there where he told a personal story about staying in botswana, africa for the summer. i guess the people of botswana live in fear of demons, and marcus had been raised thinking that demons weren't real today like they were in the bible days. he said one night he was asleep in bed, and woke up all of a sudden to the presence of a demon--he didn't see it, but he absolutely knew it was in the room with him. he said he laid under his covers, clinching his covers, and repeatedly saying "in the name of jesus, i demand you leave!" but the demon wouldn't leave. after 5 hours of repeating that over and over, the demon finally left his room when the sun came up. he said it was the scariest night of his life. a time later, he was speaking about his experience with someone, and they told him why the demon wouldn't leave, even though he was calling on jesus. it's because the demon could sense his fear.

well, that leads to my crazy story last night. a little background information for you: first of all, i have people VERY close to me who have woken up in the middle of the night to either the audible voice of God, or they actually saw an angel. i would LOVE for this stuff to happen to me, but i kinda put God in a box--i get really freaked out at night, so i'd prefer it to be the daytime. HA! who would dare ask such a thing of the Lord? i'm weird, i know. i just get kinda freaked out at night anyway....i make drew walk with me to the other side of the house if i need something. i'm talking, REALLY freaked out (i watch the news WAY too much!). so, anyway, i was up in the middle of the night last night to go to the bathroom. and while i was in the bathroom, i had my normal freak out of "what if God decided to talk to me right now!", which turned into, "what if there's a demon in my room and he can smell my fear & won't leave!". i know. so random why i would even think about these things at 2am. so i went back to bed & tried to fall asleep. my heart was racing, i was sweating out of control, and i couldn't bring myself to move in my bed. the only comfort i had was that drew was right next to me. so, i woke him up. i told him what was going on (he already knows i freak out about talking with God in the bathroom at night) and he said, "i don't know what you want me to do!" and then rolled over and went back to sleep! so i grabbed the remote as fast as i could and turned on HGTV so i could hopefully forget. i would forget when the shows were on, but remember again when it went to commercial. it was so horrible! then when i was watching my third episode of rob & big, i finally dozed off. but i would wake back up minutes later because my dog would make a noise (toketee snores louder than drew most times!) and i'd get freaked out all over again. i found myself counting down the minutes until the sun would come up because marcus said that's when the demon left his room.

now let me clarify, i'm not saying that there was a demon in my room. i'm saying that i completely freaked myself out last night afraid that a demon MIGHT show up & that my fear would keep him from leaving! so, here it is 1030 in the morning and i'm still a little afraid that a demon might come into my house, get in my dogs, and make them go off a river bank and drown (matthew 8:32). i know i know. i must have one of the most active imaginations in the world. i need to knock it off! and so what if God decides to talk to me in the middle of the night! and so what if an angel is coming to check on me in the middle of the night and i happen to see him/her. i should feel so lucky that God chose to reveal himself to me visually--most aren't so lucky.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

It is finished!

things have been super busy with moving everything out of my parents house. last saturday we went over there and helped box up rooms, take loads to my mom's storage unit, and move things into my dad's pod. closing was actually friday, so we had to get EVERYTHING out of the house before then. needless to say, we're last minute workers....drew and i showed up thursday after work to move the remaining stuff--the washer, dryer, fridge, couch, chair, entertainment center, etc. when we pulled up, the roofers were there replacing the roof, and the ac man was there servicing the ac. talk about a lot going on!!!

we loaded the uhaul up until 830 and then went to storage to unload it. we were done unloading at 950, but still had to return the truck. we were home around 11, but none of us had eaten dinner, so we sat in the kitchen eating cereal and sandwiches. it was late night fun!

i'm pretty sad that the house i grew up in is no longer my parents', but i'm so happy that the last piece of this never ending divorce fiasco is over. it's been dragging out since Oct 2004! yes, you're reading that right! 3 1/2 years! but hooray for closing on friday. we're going to cookout today and celebrate!!! it is finished!!!

here's the house and the pod

here's isaac, amidst the boxes in the garage

and judah did his part by blowing the grass out of the cracks in the concrete!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

ranger game

so, saturday night (after graduation) drew & i met up with some friends at the ranger game. drew has this amazing way of cutting deals with students--we buy things for their fundraisers, and they give us unbelievable seats to sporting events....its works out great for us! so because we support the marcus marauder football team, and because nick's dad works indirectly for the rangers, we got to see the home team win their 5th straight game! our seats were right behind home plate, but we were inside in air conditioning, sitting in leather recliners, eating a free buffet, and being served by our waitress. how can i ever buy my own tickets again???

Saturday, May 10, 2008


amber, judah, jacob, dad, jimmy, mom, jamie, drew & isaac in the front!

so, jimmy graduated! Yeah! he now officially has a degree in psychology from the university of oklahoma. the ceremony wasn't too bad, but that was because we left right after he walked across the stage--we had to get a table for lunch! priorites, you know! and despite the awkwardness of my parents being at the same place together, it really turned out to be a good weekend. we had a lot of fun staying with jimmy in his apartment friday night, and spending the day with him, melissa, & my sister's family. here are some pics of the new grad and of his special day! congratulations, jimmy! we're so proud of all you've accomplished!!!

amber, jamie, & drew

jimmy & melissa (mo)

jamie, jimmy, & amber

inside lloyd noble center--where the sooners play basketball!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

what is wrong with me?

so i woke up in the middle of the night tuesday with this excruciating pain in my abdomin. i didn't know what it was and it was freakin me out a little bit. i had never felt pain like that before, but i'm sure all you women who've been thru labor would call me a wimp. i was having difficulty breathing and could hardly walk. after 12 hours in the emergency room (thank you, mom for taking me!!!), i was admitted to the hospital for more testing.

i've never had my blood taken so many times...can i just say that multiple bruises up and down your forearms kinda make you look like a drug user! i was in the hospital for 3 whole days and the most amazing part is that they don't know what was wrong with me. i had an EKG, a CT Scan, X-Rays, hide-a-scan, 2 ultrasounds/sonograms and nothing. the only thing that was a little off was my liver enzymes--apparently they were too high, which is what kept me in the hospital thursday and friday. after more bloodwork, they sent me home and said to just watch what i eat. i'm happy to report that i have had no more episodes! hopefully that was the first and ONLY time i'll ever have to go through that.

and i just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to drew for taking 3 days off to sit with me in the hospital. i think he's now taken more days off for me than he has for himself over his 4 year teaching career! and i also think that we've watched more hgtv than we ever wanted to our whole lives!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

new sink!

i know, i'm a big dork, but who wouldn't get excited about a new sink? isn't it the most beautiful sink you've ever seen? there's a story behind this--when drew and i were looking at houses, we almost bought a house that had this exact sink in it. and we were waiting until the right time to buy it and put it in our house. thanks to our leaky kitchen faucet, we got the new sink! i guess i owe a special thanks for my father-in-law, john, for convincing drew that if we're putting in a new faucet, we may as well replace it all! THANK YOU!!! I LOVE IT!!! its a beautiful black composite granite (scratch & stain resistant!) sink with a new gorgeous brushed nickel faucet & hot water dispensor--i should host an hgtv show....

Thursday, March 6, 2008


tell me these aren't the most beautiful pictures of snow??? love it! love it! love it! i think we got 4 inches each day!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blogging Debut

so, i've never been the type who wanted to throw all my information out there for the world to see. but somehow i've decided that this would actually be a pretty cool way to keep in touch with people! especially with family living so far away. so, we'll try to keep this updated so all 3 of you reading this will know what's going on in the exciting life of the libbys! hopefully, our stories & experiences will inspire, motivate, and be a witness for the one we're made in the image of.