Tuesday, May 26, 2009

back to work....

i just wanted to let everyone know i went back to work today. i really appreciate all of the prayers! since lana was sick, i went in later--around 930. it took from 930 to 10 to get her unpacked at the daycare and all the paperwork filled out for the day. i was going to just stay down there and feed her before heading up to my desk, but she was crying and refused to eat! so i finally just passed her off to the kind ladies and they took over. she never had her 930 feeding and didn't go to sleep until 1045 (she'd been up since 630!!!). and then woke up at 1125...that was the story for the day. she didn't nap but eventually she did eat. and she sure is passed out now!!! :) when i went in to pick her up at 5 she was sitting in a bouncy chair. i walked over and as soon as she saw me she grinned really big. and then she let out what was the beginnings of a laugh, but we're still not there. right now it just sounds like a deep breath in, but i know what it really is! a laugh! and it was so fun seeing her get excited to see me. when i got home from work she was equally excited to see drew! so cute. what a fun girl. but overall, she did fine. and i did fine. they hadn't reactivated me at work, so i couldn't get into my computer or any systems. so i just hung out all day and asked random questions about stuff trying to get caught up--no, i was just trying to look busy! ha! i even let lana hang out with me at my desk for about an hour. it was a lot of fun showing her off and hearing everyone say how adorable she is. yes, she is! haha! but anyway--a good first day back. i still wish i didn't HAVE to go back, but i guess since i have to, i'm glad i work for jcp!

lana's congestion seems to be clearing up really well thanks to the saline drops. i think she's pretty much back to normal. that's terrific news.

well, hope everyone has a good rest of the week!  say a prayer for my sis--she's due basically any day now! YEAH!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

its official

lana is sick. you can hear the congestion gurgling in her nose/throat/head. she's sneezing a lot and has snot dripping out of her nose. so i guess we're just supposed to keep her elevated and next to a humidifier until this passes since there's no medicine safe for infants. say a prayer for her! she hasn't even started daycare yet! i just feel horrible for her! you can tell she doesn't feel good! :(

week in review

well, we had a pretty busy week! wednesday my grandparents came in town and got to meet lana for the first time. they were only here a day or so, but it was so nice to see them and for them to meet their 6th great grandchild!

friday morning we went to the daycare and got everything squared away there. i've already blogged about that.

friday night the boozers brought some crazy huge steaks over and we cooked out! it was so good to see them. i don't think we've hung out with them in a year or so??? ridiculous. we're terrible friends! :)

saturday drew and i decided it would be fun to go look at the st. jude's dream home. every year they build a house, sell $100 raffle tickets, and give away the house as well as other prizes. this year, the house was built in flower mound pretty close to us. so we went over to check it out. it was 3500 sq ft and valued at about $439,000. in texas, that's a lot of money for a house...probably not in oregon and california. (just to put it in perspective). but the home was beautiful and drew and i are already making plans for when we win it! :)

saturday night our friends patrick & shannon came over to meet lana. we went to eat dinner with them at chili's. it was good to catch up...i don't think we'd seen them in about a year either! it's crazy!!! 

today we're just hanging out. the rangers are playing the astros, so of course we're watching the game! lana got sick today...for a few days her spit up has been kinda slimy like she might be congested (i think she got it from the daycare friday!) as i was putting her down for a nap today she started spitting up everywhere. she starts coughing and that leads to spit up. so, right now drew is holding her while she sleeps. you can tell she doesn't really feel well, but she has no fever. we'll see what happens.

other than that, not a lot going on. we toyed with the idea of going to the ranger game tomorrow since they're playing the yankees, but there aren't any tickets in the shade available for the price we want to pay. guess we'll just watch it on tv! i might prefer that anyway since it's been decently humid lately.

lana has done some new things this weekend! saturday she figured out that if her pacifier falls out of her mouth, she can maneuver her arms to get it back in! it was really cute. which i guess brings up the next new thing--she's starting to take a pacifier! and the last thing is that she kind of held her bottle yesterday! i put it in her mouth and somehow her hands figured out how to get on each side to steady the bottle. i guess that's not technically holding it, but it was still amazing to me. i didn't even put her hands there! she did it herself! of course, none of this may ever happen again. it could be a one time deal! haha

this video is of lana waking up in the morning. it's so fun to see, so we thought we'd share! by the way--if you go to the lana's pictures link on the left, you can see all the pictures from week 12!

hope you all enjoy your memorial day tomorrow. remember to be praying for me and lana on tuesday!

Friday, May 22, 2009

i just can't do it

today i went to the daycare at jcp for lana's intake appointment. the people are so incredible there. they're going to keep her on her schedule for naps, feedings, etc. and the 'room mom' said they're always working on different things with the babies during wake time--tummy time, working with feeling new textures, seeing things...it's going to be really great for her to learn those things. but it was terrible too. because i realize that i go back to work on monday. today is technically my last 'work day' off....and i'm a wreck. i'm trying not to be, but this is probably the hardest thing i will ever have to do. and just think--it's not even monday night yet. or better yet--it's not tuesday morning as i'm walking away from the daycare and up to my desk. i realize now that tuesday is a horrible day for me to start back to work, and this isn't just an excuse. i seriously have meetings from 8am to 5pm on Tuesdays. how in the WORLD am i going to find time to go see my little lana? this is terrible. i seriously would sell everything i own to be able to stay home with her--my house, my car, you name it, SOLD! i know she's going to be fine. and i know that i'm eventually going to be fine. but i just don't think this is the way it's supposed to be. i really feel like i should be the one to raise my daughter. not to knock any of you who are total advocates of daycare, but my mom stayed at home with us and i wouldn't trade that for the world. and i never thought i'd want to be a stay at home mom, but i do! i want that! so, i've never done this before, but i'm going to buy a lottery ticket for tomorrow night. if i win, then i'll know God wants me at home. if i don't win, well, then i'll just play every wednesday and saturday until i do win! :)

tonight we have some friends coming over for dinner. the wife is a teacher (the boozers) and i plan on picking her brain! drew and i are still trying to get me into teaching, so i need help on interviewing. i can interview for business jobs...i've never not got a job i interviewed for. but teaching is a whole different ball game. i'm terrified of the interview process. but i know that i really want to be a teacher...and that's going to make life so much easier in the summers if i can get one. time off every year with lana. so, say a prayer. i'm not sure it's going to work out for this next school year, but who knows. and actually, this may be a moot point....if i win the lottery.

hope you all have a super friday!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

mover and a shaker

here's a little clip of lana gettin excited in her jungle gym...she takes a breather every once in a while. it's not a true representation of how active she is, but i think it gets the point across. (we put her at the top of her crib at night and by morning she's at the bottom....crazy girl.)

it's raining here, so drew and i are at a loss for what to do today. it's so bad we're thinking about renting a rug doctor to clean the carpet....or maybe we'll just take yet another nap. i'd normally clean the house or do laundry, but i'm so domestic these days--it's already done.

tomorrow is my sister's baby shower, so hopefully i'll have pictures to share. lana is going with me....i'm praying she'll still nap while i'm holding her. otherwise, we might have a cranky baby by tomorrow night.

hope you all stay dry and enjoy your saturday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bottle-1, lana-0

we've overcome the bottle issue! poor drew is the one who had to suffer the most. it still takes a really long time for her to drink the whole thing--ab0ut an hour and she cries a little bit. but it's so much better. YEAH! we just had a weekend where drew would feed her from the bottle for every feeding. the first night she was screaming and i had to completely stay out of the room or it'd get worse. but by saturday  night, we were all good.

my first mother's day was super. i got up early but just couldn't get moving. drew and i were both exhausted from the tiring weekend of lana crying so much at every feeding. he let me go back to bed while he took care of lana. so i got up for the 630 feeding, put her back down at 730, and then didn't get up again until 1230. really? i didn't budge for 5 HOURS! it was incredible. and then sunday night we celebrated by eating at Pazzo! my absolute FAVORITE pizza place. you should all go.

saturday my mom and sister & nephews came over. we celebrated mothers day (in between lana screaming while she ate) by cooking out. drew made burgers & hot dogs...poor guy was the only male in the house...don't think the nephews gave him that male companionship he was needing! my brother in law was at a band competition and my brother had to work. but we had a great time celebrating my mom and my sister. (and i guess me too! haha)

well, that's all the updates i have for now...more to come later. GO RANGERS!

Friday, May 8, 2009


first of all, i have no pictures to upload yet...i'll understand if you stop reading. :)

i have just 2 (maybe even 1...that's a story for later) weeks until i got back to work. lana has all of a sudden decided she hates the bottle. WHAT?! NO! this can't be happening. we're regressing. how in the world am i supposed to pass her off to a daycare when she refuses the bottle? about a week ago, she started this. she would just gum around on it, then eventually suck. but this morning she cried hysterically when we tried to give it to her. she's never been picky before...i could easily be the one to give her the bottle and she'd take it in 5 seconds. we started her on the bottle/breast combo at 3 weeks, so we didn't wait until she was too old to have a preference...so then WHY does she all of a sudden have a preference? i'm reading up on any tricks there are to get her back on track, but if anyone has a tip, PLEASE SHARE! by the way, she's still not taking a pacifier...every once in a while, but not enough for it to be a comfort to her. ugh.

lana is still sleeping through the night....usually around 8 hours, so i have that to be VERY thankful for. her best naps are in the mornings, but she goes down for any nap with great ease. we've had her in her crib sleeping since day 1, so i think she really finds it a comforting place to be. she doesn't cry unless something is really wrong (gas, hungry, diaper, super tired) so it's easy to know what's going on with her. there have been times when she's just laid in her crib looking around for 45mins because she didn't want to go to sleep. but she didn't make a peep! she's a very easily trained baby and we're so lucky. she likes her schedule...or has adapted to it very well. wakes up on the dot for her feedings every 3hours. it's nice to not have to set my alarm...i know she'll wake me up! but she wakes up so happy to see us...and we love seeing that huge smile she gets when she finally notices us peering over her crib!

other than that, not a lot going on. i'm trying to make the rest of my doctors appointments and run my final errands before i head back to work. i'm still a wreck at the thought, but a lot of prayer is giving me some peace...for the moment anyway. :) i'm so grateful to meghan for covering the whole department while i've been on leave! THANK YOU!!! (i know you're reading this! haha) but i'm certain i'm gonna have no clue how to do my job when i get back. 13 weeks is a long time to be off work! hopefully my brain will be up to the task.

so, it's friday! and we love friday here in the libby house...even when i'm not working. and it's going to be a fun weekend--my mom is coming over for lunch tomorrow. i think it's supposed to storm, but we're gonna cook out anyway! hope you all have a super fantastic mother's day...and really...i need some bottle tips!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 months

a cinco de mayo lana won't forget. or maybe she will. but i won't. lana had her 2month check up today and she's great! she's 22 1/2 inches (50%) and 10lbs 3 oz (25%-50%). so she's right on track! here are some pics from our super sad day. she's been pretty fussy but that's to be expected. and really, i don't mind. she stops crying as soon as she gets to snuggle with momma! :)

before the shots....

after the shots...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

week at a glance

this week was drew's big 30th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DREW!!! we've had lots of rain this week, but thought it was going to clear up enough to make it to the ranger game on his birthday. we packed everything up and headed to the ballpark with lana hoping the 30% chance down in arlington didn't include the ballpark. unfortunately, it poured. and poured. but we ate our $1 hotdogs and had a great time watching the rain! after about an hour, we left...so now we have tickets to redeem later in the season!

we went back to the ballpark with some friends friday to really celebrate drew's birthday--and to celebrate lana's 2 month birthday. much better weather and great seats. below are some pictures of lana's first ranger game! i think her onesie turned out super cute! just a simple iron on, but somehow it made me feel crafty! haha

we also got a new laptop! we got a mac that can support a million pictures of lana...apparently our pc was breaking down from the lana-overload! :) but we're loving the laptop....although i'm still adjusting to no mouse and a MAC! never thought i'd EVER own a mac. i'm a pc lover.

and LISD has canceled school this week due to the H1N1 virus...yes, swine break 09 is in full effect. i'm so happy to have drew home with lana and me for another week! yeah! he's got plans to golf and enjoy his time off with us. i'm glad he's getting a break before he gets super busy with....SUMMER! ha!

i go back to work in just 3 short weeks. time has FLOWN by but somehow it seems like forever ago that i worked. i'm still extremely sad about having to leave my lana at daycare....but i've decided to tell daycare people that i don't want to know if she walks/talks/crawls...i want to see all of her firsts for myself. so just be in prayer over me and the situation. it's gonna be so stinkin hard leaving her. even though it's downstairs, i'm still so sad to leave her with complete strangers all day. i'm sure my first day back to work will be worthless...

well, that's all i've got for now! hope you all have a super week!

lana seems to be breaking out of her swaddle more these days...this was after a nap...

all dressed up ready to go eat with alyson, sarah, & camryn on tuesday

the fam at the game...she did so good and LOVED the fireworks after the game!

all ready for the game and SO EXCITED about her rangers! :)