Sunday, October 24, 2010

picture post!

guess i'll just make this a misc post of mainly pictures....

here's lana friday morning before going to daycare...of course supporting her rangers

here's me and lana watching the ranger game that sent them to the world series! drew was scouting...which is why i look so funny in the picture. self taken... :)

lana thursday morning before daycare. sporting her new oregon shirt and ready for the game that night. they whopped up on ucla. go ducks!!! (yes, lana yells "go ducks" and "touchdown"....drew's got her trained)

at dicks sporting goods...i think she might be getting golf clubs for christmas. hey, tiger woods had them in his hands at 2 years! we're close, people!

drew teaching lana how to putt. i have to say, she's actually pretty good at making contact. i think she's got drew's athleticism.

yesterday we participated in the neighborhood garage sale. i would say we got rid of a LOT of stuff--but probably didn't make as much money as we could've. i think drew and i were both to the point of just wanting to be rid of the stuff. after cleaning out the attic a few weeks before (i have battle wounds from falling down the ladder! it was interesting) and wondering the whole time if it was about to start pouring, we practically gave stuff away. the CCA is coming to pick up the everything we didn't sell later today.

ok! that's it for now. i've got a little girl that can't stand keeping her hands off the computer, so i gotta close up shop! hope you all have a fabulous weekend. we were planning on going to the pumpkin patch by our house today, but the torrential rain from yesterday (tornado sirens, 60mph hour winds, etc) might have put a kink in our plan...we'll see.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

OH! klahoma!

just a side note...oklahoma is my absolute FAVORITE musical of all times. i don't think i can even count how many times i've seen it--it might compete with kim & white christmas if that tells you anything (if you're not in drew's family, you don't know how many copies of white christmas kim has gone through....)

so, about two weeks ago, drew had to scout and break down film. so lana and i packed up around lunch time on friday, and headed out to oklahoma to visit my grandparents. they live in a small town about 15 minutes north of the red river. its about a 3 hour drive from my house, and lana did incredible. luckily we were traveling during her nap.

we got there around 4 on friday and really had a good time just hanging out with my grandparents on a quiet friday night. they live out on some land with a cotton field in front of their house, and behind them is another field that's usually wheat. this year it was nothing. but oh my! the cotton crop was beyond amazing this year. it literally looked like snow! i haven't seen cotton that large in ages! it was neat. good year for the farmers.

my mom drove up saturday morning to spend some time with us all. drew stayed in fm and got caught up on some much needed rest. i think he said he didn't get up until noon saturday! i'm so glad he could sleep in without feeling like he needed to get up and participate in family stuff. :)

here are some pictures of our trip. it was VERY relaxing, lots of time outside, and a good time visiting my grandparents! i think lana was a hit :)

here's the barn and part of the 'wheat' field behind their house

this is my mom about to take lana on a tractor ride...she's supporting her oregon ducks!

lana and grandma on the tractor riding around

behind the house near the wheat field

my mom, lana, and grandpa looking at stuff on the tractor--this thing was from the early 1950s, still runs, and is still used! obviously my grandpa doesn't farm anymore--its used for little projects around the land.

here's lana just playing on the couch.

i have never been so grateful that she can play quietly and by herself

here's lana standing in front of bella's crate--bella is a 6 month old black poodle with SO much energy. lana had a ball with her. lana also found some beads from MY great grandmother's collection. she wore them all weekend. it was so cute.

here's lana with my grandpa and bella after church sunday

my grandparents, my mom, and lana right before we left to come home

and i had to include this video. its just a snippet of the fun lana had with bella while she was visiting :)

more posts to come since i'm up so early on a sunday morning!