Wednesday, January 12, 2011

growin up

our little lana is getting so big now!

over christmas break we went to oregon to visit family. while up there, lana refused to sleep in the pack n play that she normally sleeps in. so we tried out the twin bed...just to see how it'd work. piece of cake. seriously. we pulled the trundle out underneath her in case she ended up being a wild sleeper like i was when i was younger. shoot, drew may still think i'm a wild sleeper. i do move around a lot :)

but the twin worked out just fine. she never rolled off the bed. she never even tried to get out of the bed. it was a hit. so drew and i started working on a plan to transition lana. we actually moved her straight from her crib to a full size bed...not the usual path parents take, i'm sure, but i REALLY didn't want to have to deal with lana getting out of bed on her own and us having to put her back in there. so we just got her a big intimidating bed that she's too afraid to get out of on her own. now don't freak out yet. we do have railings up on the sides to prevent her from falling. and she's doing just peachy in it!

she's been in her big girl bed since saturday night and so far it's been a hit! every time we go in her room to change her diaper she giggles and says "lana's bed". it so stinkin cute.

the other big thing is that we got her a potty chair. i wasn't really thinking she was ready to be potty trained or anything. i just knew it'd be coming up soon. but since we got it, lana has been VERY interested. of course i think it's because its something new and fun. i really don't think she's ready to start training. but who knows. she may surprise us. so we let her go on it whenever she wants to--but a lot of times she just wants to hang out on it. no biggie. we just move it to the living room. hahaha that's actually what my sister did when she was potty training. she couldn't miss young & the restless. HA!

so, those are two big things going on right now. lana's sleeping soundly right now in her big comfy bed and occasionally going to the bathroom on the toilet/potty chair. i can only imagine how life is going to change in the next several months as lana celebrates her second birthday, and continues to grow grow grow!

that's all for now! i'll keep your posted on little miss's progress....before we know it she's going to be graduating from college!

Monday, January 3, 2011

yes, i'm lame

but, there are entirely too many pictures to upload for your viewing pleasure...and blogger doesn't exactly make it easy on me! so i've updated lana's pictures and added a family album so you can see our christmas's spent in altus, oklahoma, flower mound, texas, and roseburg, oregon. we were busy busy as always! and had so much fun. enjoy the pictures. here's a tease.

corbin conducting bryson--who's playing the harmonica. i'm sure lana was singing along--or dancing.

playing in the snow with oregon family. lana eating the snow off her gloves/hat/coat when she's supposed to be cheesing....

pictures with the oregon cousins

snow on new years eve in roseburg

lana eating snow...again

carriage ride with the kirkseys in mid december

playin in the snow in oregon

texas cousins all matchy-matchy for christmas

hope you enjoyed your christmas/new years!!

click HERE for the rest of the pictures