Thursday, February 19, 2009

38 weeks and counting

i'm sorry this blog has become all about my pregnancy and nothing else, but i'm just a little anxious to move past this stage! soon, friends, soon. we'll have more to talk about than my appointments and fatigue!

i went in for my 38 week appt yesterday and no progress....nothing. still pregnant. :) just thought i'd give you a quick update. the only funny thing is that 1 foot (of mine...not baby libby) has decided to start swelling...nothing else on my body is, but my left foot has gone crazy. it's pretty funny, actually! so, i'm keeping it propped up to minimize the swelling...but i'm still going on my walks! maybe more news will come with week 39 appt! that's on monday.

tonight drew starts his 8th grade district basketball tournament. although they didn't have many "basketball" players on the team, they were coached so well they ended up as the #2 seed! so we've got games tonight, tomorrow, and saturday! LOTS of sitting coming up!

have a great thursday! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

dr. appt

with the title, you think this is going to be exciting! i'm 37 weeks, so there's got to be something interesting in here, right? absolutely not. sorry. you can stop reading now, or continue on as i ramble.

i went to the doc yesterday and the new phrase of the week is "cervix of steel". without going into too much detail, i'm sure you can infer that little libby is still in no hurry to come out. so again, we went over everything i can do to speed this along. she did confirm that i have had some contractions, though! i was telling her that just about every time i stand up my belly gets rock hard...i thought this is just what happens when you're 37 weeks. but no! it's contractions! i'm sure they're just braxton hicks or something, but still! progress, right?

so in an attempt to see what REAL contractions felt like, i went on a half hour walk last night. drew was at school--they had their last 8th grade scheduled game of the season (next week is the tournament, so basketball isn't over yet!) i probably should've been a better wife and gone to the game, but those bleacher seats KILL me! after 20 mins, my back is aching. excuses, excuses. i know. but i went on the walk--it was so nice outside. probably around 70 and it made me miss running so much. (i've got REALLY bad spring fever right now!) about half way through the walk my belly got really hard/tight, i started having these pains in my abdomen, and they were spreading to my back! hooray! contractions! i'm now sold....i will walk EVERY day until she's born. well, except for today, because it's dark...i dont like walking in the dark. so maybe i'll start tomorrow!

i went to bed decently early last night and woke up around 11pm--wide awake. it might've been because i could hear drew pulling the high chair out of the box and putting it together (i think), but the main reason i woke up was because the libster was doing some kind of serious workout! i think the lucky charms i ate for dinner had given her some kind of sugar burst of energy and she was going crazy! i think she was so excited about the sugar and workout that it gave her the hiccups. bad. i laid there for almost an hour trying to figure out how to settle her down and make the hiccups stop. yah right. like i can do that. i paced around the house for a little while, but then gave up laid down on the couch to go to sleep. around 1 she finally began to settle down. note--no lucky charms past 9pm!!!! crazy girl can't handle it!

drew's school also threw us an incredible shower yesterday afternoon. i'll write more about that tomorrow! gotta save some news for later! :)

i'm off to eat dinner...a little late, but i didn't get home from work until almost 7. my weeks are getting busier and busier and more and more stressful as i'm nearing my last day. i REALLY need prayers that i can get everything done and get meghan trained before i go out on leave.

hope you all enjoy your friday & valentines day! i know what i'll be doing tomorrow night! watching the nba slam dunk contest with drew! :) haha

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i think i need to add a libby is right where she should be. it's me being impatient and unrealistically hopeful that i'll go in and the doctor will tell me to go straight to the hospital. i'm just getting sick of being pregnant and ready to meet her already!

i give up. i think i'm just gonna say they pushed my due date out to april and that i'm now going to have a 15lb baby (there really is a guy that plays some sport who really was born at 15lbs! true story! i saw him on sportscenter!) but anyway, thinking this won't happen until april will make me feel better when she finally comes.

these appointments are frustrating, though. i went in this morning severely light headed and with some cramping--the cramping is positive! however, i've got nothing. still NO PROGRESS. she checked my cervix again, and i'm 75% effaced, but not dilated one bit--hence why i have now pushed my due date to april! (haha) here's more bad news--this whole time she's been telling me i'm going to have a little baby. and i was glad! i have no stretch marks and i was looking forward to having none week 40. today, though, little libby has grown a TON! less than 2 weeks ago she was 4lbs 13 oz. today, 6lbs 2 oz. so now she's on track to be 8lbs+. what the heck is happening to me! she's growing at lightning fast speed (my opinion) yet she's still so clammed up and has no intention of coming out any time soon. PRAY FOR ME! i think i'm going to lose my mind.

another thing--i've been really thinking about natural child birth versus meds. i would say i was 85% leaning toward natural...until today. when the doc was checking my cervix, she decided to "massage my cervix" a little bit. i believe her exact words were "give you a little dose of what contractions feel like", i needed an epidural for this 'massage'. it was so stinking painful i thought i was going to cry. i'm not kidding. and i thought i was tough! she must've caught me on a bad day. but i was so caught off guard by the pain that i forgot to ask if the baby had flipped, and all my million other questions. all i could think about was when the pain was going to stop.

on to stats--she's up to the 53rd percentile--oh, do i miss when she was at 24! her head has slowed down significantly and her arms & legs are now within a few days of her head. i really wanted to go until my due date and let her come on her own...but tonight, i think drew and i will have a conversation about a week 39 induction. :)

other than that, not a lot going on. i've been trying to keep busy cleaning and organizing. i can't stand to sit still for very long when i'm home--our couches are so soft that they make my back ACHE after 5 minutes. so lately, i've been sitting on the couch/chair in the entry way (they're firm) and watching tv from there--that's how drew and i watched part of the super bowl. ridiculous. but it works! by the way...YEAH STEELERS!

i go back to the doc next friday...hopefully i'll have good news to report. i'm going to heat up my pizza and eat lunch! pepperonis are spicy, right? :)