Saturday, November 6, 2010

halloween/pumpkin patch

forget are pictures!

last weekend we went to the flower mound pumpkin patch. i love the fact that it might be 2 miles away....nice for a little one who doesnt like car rides...

you can see some of the entertainment behind us...

lana learned about pumpkins all week in daycare...loves to say "puh kin"

watching the train in the background go by....

they had little radio flyer wagons to ride was a hit. maybe a christmas present?

daddy and lana

pumpkin house

hangin with snoopy and the gang

riding thru the pumpkins...we had no intention of buying any. it was the day before halloween and i'm not really the pumpkin carving type. that might have to change as she gets older....

finding pumpkins

playing in the toddler area

driving the tractor

excited to see mickey and minnie!

daddy, what's in here?

miserable hat pose


sliding down the slide

over and over and over and over....

hay maze

finding her way thru

a cool tree we saw...

she's getting so big!

walking the streets on halloween--although we didn't go trick-or-treating

her official oregon duck

halloween was pretty quiet...i think our doorbell rang 4 times and that's it. but that gave us more time for the ranger game :)

lana loved her costume because she REALLY loves oregon in her future????

on a side note, lana is growing and talking like crazy. she can repeat just about anything you ask her to. she's learning her shapes, colors, can say her animals and the sounds they make. we're VERY happy with the daycare she's at because she's learning so much. and the projects she comes home with are awesome! my fridge is overrun with her we had to buy a tub to start storing her things. it's a fun stage...she thoroughly enjoys life and has fun with anything--except diaper changes and car rides! ha! but we're having so much fun with her!

hope you all have a great weekend!!