Thursday, June 19, 2008


its too late at night for me to come up with something clever to blog about, so i'll leave you with the cutest pictures ever of our nephew, bryson. he went fishing with grandpa libby (my father in law) yesterday in oregon, and was so excited he could hardly stand it! enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

happy anniversary!

today is my 3 year anniversary! i can hardly believe that drew & i have been married 3 seems like time is just flying by. we've had some pretty amazing adventures in our short marriage--good & bad. we've suffered with the break up of my parents marriage, wrecks & spiritual wrong turns of family members, and health issues; but rejoiced at births of new nephews, new churches, a new home, and re-newed faiths!

if this is an example of things to come in the future, i'm ready! it's so exciting waking up every morning knowing that you've got something God has put in place just for you--eternity. and i'm so happy to be living out my eternity with drew until we get to go 'home'. he's an amazing spiritual leader, and has been my constant thru all of our trying times. he's pushed me to study the Bible more, and encouraged me to relax and let God be in control of things. he's challenged my faith when i had unanswered questions and issues, and has pushed me into a deeper relationship with the Lord--which in turn only enhances our relationship as a married couple. he's been my accountability partner and said the hard things when no one else would. i'm so lucky to be married to him!!!

parents--you WANT my husband to teach & coach your child because of the amazing role model he is. i can only imagine what he'll be like as a parent! thank you, Lord, for knowing just what i was going to need in life--and for fulfilling that need with a wonderful patient man. i couldn't have done better myself! I LOVE GOD'S PLANS!!!! (usually! haha)

outside our church after the ceremony

cutting/feeding of the cake! YUM!

drivin away in the ferrari! (drew's favorite part!)