Monday, April 27, 2009


lana has slept thru the night for 2 nights straight! saturday night was 1130pm to 7am and last night was 10pm to 630am!!! THANK YOU, LORD! got the best sleep of my LIFE last night! so much so, that today i have cleaned the kitchen & utility room TOP to BOTTOM! seriously...i'm talking about mopped floors, cleaned baseboards & cabinets, and shelves organized--including the pantry! this is fantastic. pray that it continues because the rest of my house needs to be cleaned like this too!

but now, i'm gonna take a nap...because i can. :)

i think it's gonna be a great week!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

sleep, precious sleep

i don't really have much going on right now. just trying to perfect this sleeping through the night thing. last night lana slept from 10 to 5 after a few rough nights of not even making it 5 hours. so, with LOTS of prayer so far, and even more to come, i'm asking God to make it continue. i feel very rested only having to get up once at 3, and then to feed lana at 5. but the greatest part is that drew took the 630am (which was really 7am due to her sleeping until 5) feeding and let me sleep in until almost 8! woohoo! i'm ready to start the day. i'm not promising that i won't still need a nap this afternoon, but that's what saturdays are for, right? naps....

i'm also gonna have to apologize for pictures this week. seems we fell a little behind on them, so there won't be very many to look at. hopefully i'll get more taken and uploaded tomorrow.

have a super weekend!

playin in the always

the family at guero's for dinner w/my dad & bro

waiting for a table at guero's was exhausting!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a little of everything

lana turned 6 weeks old sunday! it's amazing how quickly time is flying by. she's already so different than the day we brought her home from the hospital. she smiles on purpose now! not always when you want her to, but it's definitely on purpose when she does! this is the best part though--we're doing babywise and it's AWESOME! lana is already sleeping from 1015pm to 415am...yes, 6 hours straight. i think we're definitely on track for her to sleep thru the night completely by 12 weeks! that's the goal! we can see her little personality molding and taking shape. we're loving her so much in her short little life so far!

i go back to work in a little less than 6 weeks. it's REALLY hard on me, but staying home is not an option right now. i'm trying to think about the positives...she's going to be riding to & from work with me every day & she'll be right downstairs in JCPenney's daycare whenever i'm having separation anxiety. i just really hate that someone else is going to be raising my daughter. i grew up in a home where my mom didn't work and i was so blessed by that! maybe someday....when we get my stupid school loans paid off! :(

i'm finding LOTS of things to keep me busy thru the day while i'm home--not that that's hard with a little one and a house! it's so nice to be able to run errands thru the day when others are at work. and it's so nice not really having 'plans'...just being able to go wherever i want whenever i want (within reason). i really think i need a job that isn't so confining....i like being able to go for mid-afternoon jogs/walks and NOT DRIVE IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC!!!! i like being home at 3pm when all the moms are picking their kiddos up from school....ugh. maternity leave is such an incredible vacation. i'm not even kidding. i'm definitely making the most of it! are a few pics of lana from week 6. happy tuesday!

bath time!

watchin the rangers...or golf....

isn't her bunny wrist rattle cute?!