Saturday, May 29, 2010


no news here! just having a fun saturday on a very much needed long weekend. lana is "napping".....although i can still hear her talking in her room. drew is watching the ranger game (and i'll be sitting in there watching too shortly). we don't have big plans for this memorial day weekend, but that's how i prefer it! we ran a few errands this morning, so all we have left before work tuesday is to actually releax! love it!

here are some pictures of lana's 15th month with us. enjoy!

FM just opened a new mi cocina...we actually preferred the old location bc no one ever went there. but the new one is super fun! great patio. drew, lana and i checked it out last night. same great food as always...just a new loc!

lana was being a nut

my absolutely favoritest picture ever

love the wrinkle nose

this is before work one day...she was drinking her milk, sitting in her chair, and i'm pretty sure she's watching the news. haha

the "peeps out" shirt i got her for know how i love my peeps. but look at her new nikes! she loves them!

happy long weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

short fun story

i posted earlier that i've moved to a new position. and i'm the type that wants to be resident expert immediately. village idiot doesn't suit me. i have a VERY hard time asking for help, but this job has humbled does every new job i start. so needless to say, in my pursuit of said 'resident expert' i've been working late to get everything done.

tuesday night i got home around 715. i pulled in the driveway to see drew and lana hanging out in the front yard. they were looking at the birds in the tree. such a cute picture to see.

but the best part was when lana saw my car...i don't think she could see IN at me, because the windows are a dark tint. as soon as she saw my car, i could see her mouth start saying "momma!" over and over! doesn't it just melt your heart? now she could always SAY momma, but i've been really working for her to understand that like her daddy, i have a name. and it's momma. (boy does she know daddy).

that was the sweetest thing i couldve come home to. love it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

new addition to the family

so, we've got some exciting news in the libby house! we have a new addition--make that TWO new additions--to the family! we're so excited! seriously! :)

Meet our new..............

washer & dryer! WOOHOO!!!!

i bet you thought i was gonna say i was pregnant! HA! i'm so mean, i know. but we are super excited about the washer and dryer. our dryer went out a few weeks ago, so we decided to 'invest' (if that's possible) in a pair that would last a long time.

anyway, off to do laundry! i'm actually excited to!

Monday, May 3, 2010

since the last post

well, i'm still not doing so hot keeping this sorry.

since the last post, we celebrated drew's birthday! friday night we got bambi to watch lana (really had to twist her arm! haha) and we went to a movie. we saw date night, which was very funny. afterwards, we headed over to patrizio's for some yummy dinner. this is how i know we're getting old...drew and i were back from our dinner & a movie date by 930. oh man. amazing. we're gonna have to work on that one! i got him an iphone for his birthday...i hit a home run with that one! he was literally jumping up and down. so of course, i was pretty stinkin excited for him!

since the last post, drew has started P90X and is kickin it's rear! really, i'm so stinkin proud of him. i'm listening to him do a video i sit on my rear and relax. we've both been doing so much better at working out. a typical night goes like this--we put lana to bed, drew starts his video, i go for a 3 mile run, and then we regroup and hit the sack. i'm sleeping so good lately!

since the last post, i was promoted! i'm now in a store planner role. my most recent position was an allocator--i was in charge of sending the merchandise to the stores. my new role will be more like the merchandise planner job i had at zales. i'm in charge of the financial plan--sales, receipts, and inventory--for all jcpenney stores for the men's, kid's, and athletic shoes. i'm pretty nervous about it, because it's a big responsibility. but i'm so happy to get back to planning! yay!

since the last post, i'm having so many spiritual revelations! i'm realizing how fundamentalist i really was growing it was all about following the rules to make sure God "smiled" on you. now i realize that my God is not the way some (joel osteen, for example) choose to portray Him. He does not promise an easy life just for following the rules. He does promise to find a way to make you press in to him. this sounds so obvious as i'm typing it, but i think i really missed that growing up. i LOVE what i'm learning and i LOVE that drew and i are both really in a state of hunger for what the word says. we're learning so much and really growing spiritually.

since the last post, we've just really been loving life. drew's done with sports, it's nearing the end of the school year, the weather has been amazing, and we're getting some real quality time as a family. it's so much fun!

ready for the day!

loving balloons!

quick! grab the camera! she didn't pull her bow out! (YET!)

hope you've all been doing well....since the last post!