Saturday, March 6, 2010


***UPDATE***marcus won!!! they're headed to the state tournament next weekend in austin! YAY!!!!

well, a lot has happened since my last post.

i celebrated my 29th birthday! yay! richi and bambi came over for a game night (since bambi's bday was 3 days after mine). but we really didn't celebrate just me & drew. i told him i wanted to wait until it was warm, and i could go to joe t garcia's and celebrate! LOVE THAT PLACE!! John & know where we're going when you get in town in a few weeks! :)

lana celebrated her 1st birthday! well, kinda. we gave her a present, put cake in front of her, and she refused the cake! what! she's definitely not my child. :)

lana went to the doctor for her 1 year well check. she's in the 18th percentile for height at 28 1/4 inches, and the 5th percentile for weight at 17 lbs 6 oz.

lana switched off formula onto whole milk. this transition was so easy. i put milk in a cup, she drank it, we were switched. love it. she's been on straight sippy cup since the middle of january and straight table food since then too. this girl is easy. thank you, Lord.

lana started a new daycare! she's at an in home about a mile and a half from our house. drew now gets to take and pick her up most days thanks to his workload winding down. it's been a tremendous help to me being able to work out or stay late when i need to work. and it's been nice for drew and lana to have time together when i'm not around. we really like sharon, the lady who keeps her, and feel like God led us to her. it's so great.

since being in her new daycare, lana has started walking! (see below post). she also says a few words:

dog (dah)
also, we put her in her car seat last weekend and she started shaking her head back and forth saying no no no. so, i guess you can add "no" to the list too! :)

and something else that was VERY fun, was being a part of our great friends, richi & bambi, getting engaged. well, i didn't get to be part of it, but drew & lana did. richi sent bambi on a scavenger hunt to basically find him, but our house was one of the stops and lana had a clue. it was so neat that lana got to be part of that. and we can't wait until their wedding! yay!

also, the marcus basketball team has made it to the regional finals! if they win their game (which starts in just 1 hour) then they'll go to state next weekend! drew's already there, but I'm waiting on lana to wake up from her nap before we head down to fort worth for the game. yes, we'll be a little late, but we need lana to SLEEP! she's gonna miss her afternoon nap, more than likely.

let's see, what else is going on? i'm in the process of making lana's outfit for her official birthday party. it's going to be family only, so don't get your feelings hurt if you weren't invited. the theme is hawaiian, so i'm making her a hula/grass skirt/tutu! here's what i've got so far....

but i think overall, that's about it. i'll keep you updated on the game...we can't wait to head to austin next weekend for a getaway! (and i guess for some basketball too! haha)

here's lana's skirt for her bday party...still a work in process. waiting the hibiscus to arrive so i can attach them to the ribbon/wasteband

bambi and lana reading the next "clue"

bath time! boy does she LOVE baths now!

daddy & lana brushing their teeth together

playing with a new birthday present!

hope you all have a good weekend! off to the game!