Sunday, October 25, 2009

doorstop fun

well, lana has discovered the doorstop!

Drew and i went on our first date last night! bambi and richi took care of lana while we went to pf changs for dinner. it was so good! and drew and i had a lot of fun talking and not being interrupted by a baby. it had been way too long!

we've had a pretty slow week. just working and living our daily routine.

i finally bought babywise II so i've been reading that like crazy. i've learned a lot about lana's eating...and she's starting to eat a lot better! and now that we're getting her nice & full she's back to sleeping through the night. i had a brain malfunction--my pedi kept telling me that solids weren't a meal, but just getting them used to eating for later. well, yah, that's true, but it's also because liquid isn't enough anymore! when that finally clicked, i started feeding her more altogether and now we're golden. eating, sleeping...everyones happy!

so, i'll post more later. drew and i are watching football and the pizza is ready to eat!

happy sunday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

post for nana


Saturday, October 17, 2009

wedding weekend

well, i'm not doing so hot at keeping this thing updated. since i've become a single parent for the majority of the week (yes, football season is in full swing) i just don't have the time or energy to update anything! all of my social networking sites are severely deprived! no time for facebook or this blog, and I barely have time to check email. tough life, isn't it?

but if i'm gonna be this busy, i LOVE that it's with lana. we're having such a great time. and even more fun when drew gets home and plays with us!

last weekend we went to austin for a wedding. the last of drew's buddies from college got married. let me tell you, we were all beyond shocked to find out he was getting married. craig always was the one no one thought would get married....or at least not for a long time! but he seems to have found his perfect girl.

the wedding was in johnson city (outside of austin) on the ranch craig works at. he's the foreman, i think. the couple who owns the ranch made their money because the wife invented self-checkout! yes! i met the lady who invented self checkout, stayed in her million dollar ranch house, and it was incredible! we had such a great time! the house slept somewhere around 28 people. drew and i had a room ('the cowboy suite') and a crib for lana! i wish i would've got pictures of the ranch, but for some reason, i never thought to take any.

the weekend was pretty chilly. we had a cold front go through so the majority of the time the temps were in the upper 50s low 60s. way too cold for my liking! and poor lana wasn't dressed appropriately. that's another strike against me as a mom. i had no idea it was going to get and stay so cold. normally i'm on top of my weather, but lately...well, just refer back to paragraph #1 of this blog.

so, drew was in the was ranch formal. they wore cowboy hats and boots. so as soon as i get more pictures of that, i'll post them. we even found lana some boots for under $5!!! i just wore black pants and a top, but i think we were all wishing we'd been in heavier clothing once the wind started blowing.

we got back sunday afternoon in time to change clothes and head to our FPU class. the class has been such a blessing to us. we're learning so much and are well on our way to living in financial peace!

this weekend was acu homecoming. we had every intention of going, but after being so busy the last few weekends, we decided we needed to relax and keep lana in some kind of stable atmosphere. good thing we did. the past few weeks/month her sleeping through the night has been sporadic at best. it's a combination of teething and being sick and maybe even her erratic napping schedule at daycare (they can't seem to keep her on my schedule...mainly because they believe in child directed napping/feeding and I DO NOT! a tangent for another day....)

but last night i put lana to bed around 745...i had dropped her mattress down to the lowest level, put the bumper back in (don't scream at me! i know it's a sleep hazard, but i figure if she can sleep with a blanket, she can manage to move her face out of the bumper and not suffocate!) and it was genius. i think because she can't see out of the slats in her crib, she was able to go back to sleep quicker. she didn't wake up once and slept for 11 hours! WOOHOO! so, both of her naps today we put her down awake and she went straight to sleep until we woke her up. again tonight, no crying when she went down. i pray this is a real solution to the waking up in the night problem...and i'm really enjoying not having to listen to her cry it out. that just breaks my heart.

anyhow. here are some pictures from the wedding.

lana and brady boozer

lana showing off her cowgirl boots

lana and drew...yes, that's a cowboy hat. if only i'd got a picture of the boots!

have a great weekend!