Saturday, April 19, 2008

what is wrong with me?

so i woke up in the middle of the night tuesday with this excruciating pain in my abdomin. i didn't know what it was and it was freakin me out a little bit. i had never felt pain like that before, but i'm sure all you women who've been thru labor would call me a wimp. i was having difficulty breathing and could hardly walk. after 12 hours in the emergency room (thank you, mom for taking me!!!), i was admitted to the hospital for more testing.

i've never had my blood taken so many times...can i just say that multiple bruises up and down your forearms kinda make you look like a drug user! i was in the hospital for 3 whole days and the most amazing part is that they don't know what was wrong with me. i had an EKG, a CT Scan, X-Rays, hide-a-scan, 2 ultrasounds/sonograms and nothing. the only thing that was a little off was my liver enzymes--apparently they were too high, which is what kept me in the hospital thursday and friday. after more bloodwork, they sent me home and said to just watch what i eat. i'm happy to report that i have had no more episodes! hopefully that was the first and ONLY time i'll ever have to go through that.

and i just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to drew for taking 3 days off to sit with me in the hospital. i think he's now taken more days off for me than he has for himself over his 4 year teaching career! and i also think that we've watched more hgtv than we ever wanted to our whole lives!