Tuesday, November 18, 2008

police report update

the police in flower mound are so nice! of course, i wish i never would've had to figure that out, but oh well. i've really been beating myself up all weekend replaying what i could've done differently to get my stuff from her. but really i need to just let it go. yah, she did something really bad by stealing, but i'm pretty sure God will take care of it so i don't have to worry! and even though they probably won't catch her (because i'm sure everything has been sold on the black market by now), God really helped us out. i called my vitamin place and they reshipped my order free of charge to me. and we decided that 1. it needs a signature going forward, and 2. it'll be shipped to my work. i talked to jcp on friday, and they said they'd reship the mattress pads free of charge, also. so, thank you Lord for helping us out! who knows, maybe this lady REALLY needed the stuff she took from me. i think i'll write it off as a donation on my taxes....

all is well in the libby house again. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

i'm filing a police report....

forget it...i'm not waiting until the 21st to see if my stuff shows up. home girl DID steal my stuff. she said she was looking for house 3120 and that house doesn't exist on my street! AND! i called to see when my vitamins were delivered....friday--hence the 2 packages she was carrying. This is one time in my life when i am so super thankful for my amazing memory!

so today during lunch i am going back to flomo to file my police report....i'll update afterwards. i just want that lady to get what she deserves! THIEF! UGH!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


so i've got nothing to say, really. but i promised the people pictures, so the people will get pictures!

here's the new office/guest room & bookshelf

the computer desk--same but with a better background color!
the bed, dresser & lamp...still needs some work, but i see progress!
here's drew hard at work painting the nursery
more painting for drew!
the finished product...and crib...minus the mattress which is on its way! isn't the quilt cute?!
for now, the tv is still in the room...we haven't found it a new home yet!
here's the dresser & changing table...we need to get a changing pad, but we've got some time!
here's a view of the closet doors and the recliner that God must have relaxed in when resting on the 7th day of creation...seriously, it's that old. :)