Friday, October 28, 2011

womp, womp....

guess i haven't been so great at keeping this thing updated, huh?

maybe its because i don't feel like life has been all that exciting! school started and we're in the heat of football season. marcus got their first loss this past friday to a team who's nationally ranked...i think its safe to say we'll make the playoffs.

next week basketball tryouts start, so we'll have some overlapping of sports this year. so i guess the countdown to spring break starts...because thats when drew will be on cruise control for the remainder of the school year and...HOME! :) we miss him when he's gone.

lana is keeping us super busy with potty training. i feel like we've been doing this for ages. but i think she's pretty much trained now! we couldn't figure out how to get her to TELL US that she needed to go. she'd always go when we asked her to, but she'd never instigate it. so now we bribe her with reese's pieces....and of course, she tells us very frequently :) whatever works, right? haven't had ANY accidents ALL WEEK! i am one happy momma!

i got moved to a new area a few weeks ago at work...they moved me to jewelry. its nothing new thanks to my zale days, but its been 4 years since i worked in jewelry...kinda forgot a lot! its coming back to me. things are getting a little busy at work since black friday/cyber monday/christmas is all around the corner...but i've been saying christmas is around the corner since july...drives drew nuts :)

i decided not to run the white rock this year...last year's half marathon was good enough. after all the money we poured out on a bulging disc earlier this year, my doc said it'd be wise of me not to run more than 6 miles at a time. so i'm obeying because i'm a good patient...and a rule follower :) and i go back to the dermatologist in november to get checked for more skin cancer spots...pray no more have surfaced. that cream treatment is NASTY....and EXPENSIVE...and i'm a wimp :)

halloween is on monday and what do you think lana is going to be? NOTHING! ha! i thought about taking her trick or treating because i think she's at the point where she'd really have a good time...but drew will have a 7th grade football game. there is NO way i'm doing the trick or treat thing alone. it just wouldn't be nearly as fun. so we'll be at home handing out candy this year!

we're still enjoying church at the village. we both think matt is such a gifted speaker...its really easy to listen to him and it doesn't feel like he preaches nearly an hour each week. there have been some things brought to light that i guess i just skimmed over in my bible my whole life. so honestly, its really driving me to read, study, and learn everything i can in order to see what God is saying through it all. we are also REALLY enjoying our small group....although i wouldn't call it SMALL....i think 22 people is kinda BIG! :) but its fun because there are so many kids. this year we're hosting the kids at our house, we have some college girls come babysit the kiddos, and all the adults meet at another house. it works out great and lana LOVES it when her 'friends' come over. i just can't explain how excited she gets.

i updated lana's baby site -- new pictures under her 2years album....but here are some from the past, oh i don't know, 6 months?? i'm getting TERRIBLE at this...sorry.

more to come! hopefully it won't be another 3 months, though....