Monday, June 13, 2011


well, i didn't realize how much time had passed since the last post. i'm sure i need to update you on my doctor appointments....and everything else.

i finally got the results back from my biopsies last week. they cut 8 spots. 3 came back as no big deal. 4 places came back as skin cancer--basal cell carcinoma. the last spot came back as a dysplastic short, thats the in between stage of a normal mole and melanoma. i'm very grateful that's all it was since that's the worst kind of skin cancer you can have.

so last wednesday i went to the pharmacy and picked up a prescription for a cream to start treating one of the skin cancer spots. its superficial so no surgery needed. just 6 weeks of cream rubbed on it and we should be good. of course, that cream is $100 a pop. and of course, its also used to treat genital warts. ugh. i'm going to make a point to talk about skin cancer every time i need a refill for my own sake. i don't want anyone thinking i have genital warts! :)

so that leaves the surgeries. i have to have 4 spots cut out--3 of them are skin cancer and the 4th is the dysplastic mole. they can't do them together, so i had to set up 4 different appointments starting in mid july. nice. so i'm going to have gashes and stitches on my chest, shoulder, and side...just in time for summer time! needless to say, i now hate the sun and am staying as far away as possible.

in other news...summer has officially started and i'm so grateful for this little break drew gets from school. he works so hard throughout the year he definitely enjoys his time off. we're really enjoying the hyundai....highly recommend it if you're in the market for a new car. lana is growing and changing. keeps us on our toes. i'm constantly staring at her amazed at how this little person is growing up so fast. i just love her to pieces! keep all the teachers in your prayers and districts haven't made their cuts yet. we think drew will be safe, but we're not sure about my brother in law....seems like they cut the arts before anything else. being a band director isn't job security, sadly. Have a happy monday! keep the libbys in your prayers!