Thursday, September 18, 2008

90% accuracy...

so, we went to the doctor today. supposedly, if the baby cooperated, she could tell us what it is with 90% accuracy. the doc said she'd only been wrong 1 time in 3 years. i'd say that's pretty good odds! and did you know that if they say its a boy, it'll stay a boy. but if it's a girl, there's still a chance it could be a boy? wow. when we first got started looking at the baby on the screen, he/she wasn't cooperating. we had to keep pushing on my stomach to make it wiggle around. guess it's a modest little one (like it's mommy!) because he/she didn't wanna open his/her legs to show us the goods. so, after much poking & prodding, the doc announced (in her 90% accuracy voice) 'it's a girl'. hmm....i really don't know how to react to that. i'm honestly still in shock. but as mentioned above, she can still change to a boy (it's not that i'm hoping for this....i just REALLY thought it was a boy!)! so we'll just wait & see, and if it stays a girl, great. if it turns to a boy, great. i just really thought it was a boy, though. i mean, look at the poll! everyone else did too! what's up with this? i'll still love her just the same, but again, i'm in shock. i really only know how to deal with boys (having 4nephews 4 & under) i'm gonna have to brush up on my girly side (which has vacated since getting married...haha....too much ESPN can do that to anyone).

but baby is very healthy...a little bigger for her gestation than normal, but not by much. and i've only gained 3 lbs (at the end of my 16th week). so i'm looking pretty good myself. i haven't started to show or anything...just look a little thicker in the middle. so i'm gonna hold off on pictures until i actually look preggers. sorry. i know you've been waiting! :)

is anyone else still in shock?????

Monday, September 15, 2008

eating my words

i realize in my last post i said "i'll take headaches and occasional nausea over true morning sickness any day"......i take it back. i don't want ANY of it! i've lost count, really, but i think i've had at least 1 headache per day for the past 2 weeks (or more...again, i've lost count). every stinkin night i come home, take tylenol, and count every 3 1/2 - 4 hours when i can take more to knock me out for bedtime. has anyone else dealt with this? i'm serious. this is an EVERY DAY occurance! and i know all you people who are struggling to keep food down are wanting me to shut up and be happy that i'm not puking my guts out everyday, but really, i think it's all bad. i don't like any of these symptoms. i just wanna be fat & happy in my 2nd trimester!

this symptom is putting a huge damper on my personal life. Tri-2 is supposed to be the time when i get back to normal life and feeling 100% again...this is when i was supposed to get back into my running routine because my fatigue would finally be gone. instead, i'm finding myselft glued to the couch or in my bed non-stop because these headaches are killers. i have yet to make it to one of our small group meetings because the medicine doesn't really even help. thank goodness i have my 16 week appt on thursday. i'm gonna ask her about this one because i really don't like it!

in other news, drew made it to chicago this weekend with only minor delays. he & his friend tim made it to west lafayette, indiana for the oregon/purdue game with 45 minutes to spare. at first i was disappointed that i didnt get to go...but since i had a headache all weekend anyway, i probably would've been a party pooper. so, i'm really happy he got to go...and it was an incredible game! i won't bore you with the details, but trust me, it was a great game...and probably even better if you were AT the game.

other than that, i had a pretty uneventful weekend. i was able to vacuum my house saturday morning, but that's when life came to a halt and i started counting every 4 hours to take meds. and that pretty much carried through sunday. love it. ok, i'm done complaining.....for now. keep me in your prayers for my appt on thursday and for my headaches!