Wednesday, December 8, 2010

lana's pictures updated!

i updated the link for lana's pictures if you want to see what she's been up to lately!


Monday, December 6, 2010

a new adventure

well, the libbys had a BUSY weekend! we started friday night off by christmas tree lowe's. we do actually have christmas tree farms around here, but unfortunately, i'm not in the market for a $300 maybe we'll just go out to the farm, take some pictures, and pretend like we got ours there. haha

saturday morning we got up and took the DART (dallas area rapid transit) downtown to pick up my race packet. this weekend i ran the white rock half marathon benefiting the scottish rite hospital. so we went down to the health expo and picked up my packet, got my free tshirt, and lost lana's shoe. yes, you read that right. we lost just ONE shoe. can i just tell you that drew and i were SO sick to our stomach's because of this. these shoes are lana's FAVORITE. they light up, and she just loves running in place with them on. so sad. but, luckily, i work for jcp...and get a discount...on top of my her replacement pair is in the mail! tell me these aren't adorable! :)

about a week ago the weather looked just perfect for the race. lows in the upper 40s, highs in the mid 60s. but as race day approached, the meteorologists changed the forecast...cold front. blew through on saturday. race day morning lows in the low 30s. WHAT! you've got to be kidding me! so needless to say, there was NO way lana and drew were going to stand out the cold for 2 hours (or 3 or 4 depending on how long it took me) to wait for my grand finish. we got smart...hey! let's rent a hotel in downtown dallas near the DART rail, and i can just take the train race morning, drew and lana can play around the hotel, and come later to the finish! genius! so we booked a room at the magnolia. we had an acu carb loading dinner to go to saturday night, so we checked in our hotel around 8pm. we had to circle the hotel a few times to figure out how to get in line to park, but it was so worth it. we discovered that the neiman marcus was two blocks down. we got to see their spectacular christmas window displays! they were SO cool! (i wish we'd taken pictures, but we didn't. boo)

so we got all checked in, watched the rest of the OU/Huskers game on tv, and fell asleep. i had to be up early to get to the race around 645, and drew had to be up early because, well, lana gets up early. so there you go.

it was a long day. the race was a lot of fun. miles 1-10 were actually really easy for me. and i hadn't run in almost 4 weeks due to a back issue i've been having. but race day it was no issue. we got to run through really pretty parts of dallas...highland park, the m streets, was so much fun sight seeing! and then came the grand finale...i was able to spot lana and drew fairly easily as we were coming in for our big finish (i ran it with a friend of mine from work, jessica).

the weekend was very eventful...very exciting...and full of adventure. we had a good time.

and the icing on the cake...was oregon defeating the beavers!!! WOOHOO! i think after that win, drew was willing to help me with ANYTHING i asked. he was in such a great mood! :) haha, he always is, actually. but we had fun. something i'm not sure i'll ever do again (of course i'm saying this the day after when my joints ache) but we'll see! there's another one coming up at the end of march...maybe. just maybe....

here are a few pictures from the race...

lana waiting patiently...well, as patiently as an almost 2 year old can wait...

lana all bundled up in the cold...i think it was in the mid 40s (but sunny!) when i finished around 12pm

the finish!

waving hello!

hope you all had a great weekend! GO DUCKS!