Tuesday, January 6, 2009


it's been a while since i posted anything besides words, so today, i may just do the opposite. pics with very few words. it's a blend of texas christmas, oregon christmas, and of course, more decorating pictures of the house. they're kind of out of order, but oh well. you get the idea! enjoy!


drew holding corbin--this time next year, baby libby will be the same age as he was this year!

drew, kim, scott, & bryson looking at pictures

bryson, the oldest nephew

we played a game about following the star to bethlehem...somehow, i ended up with socks on my hands, and drew became a shepherd

meredith trying to get kim's shepherd headdress to stay on

oh, and john became a shepherd too!

me--opening presents, and talking to corbin


isaac & judah playing mario kart on the wii

isaac performing for us on his new guitar!

drew got me a sewing machine for christmas! YEAH!

drew got little jordan socks for the baby! (among other things)

our house all ready for christmas!


the new bed & dresser for the guest room/office.

the crib with the bedding!

and with the cute rug in front of it!