Friday, July 10, 2009


i couldn't let today end without acknowledging how special it is! today is the anniversary of finding out i was pregnant! i'm not going to go into all the details of the day, because honestly, july 10, 2008 was the scariest day of my life. a year later, i couldn't be more happy (well, i could if i wasn't working! HA!) but really. I was terrified of becoming a mom. i thought i would have kids MUCH later in life. that was my plan, anyway. who knew that God had a different one?! doesn't he always? :) but i'm so thrilled with how things have turned out. funny how i can't even imagine how life was pre-lana. i don't know what i'd be doing right now if she weren't here. she's such a blessing to me. and such a welcomed surprise.

so, thank you, Lord, for surprises! and for having plans that don't coincide with ours! drew and i are so lucky!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4 months

well, drew's playing golf today, and we're down to only 1 vehicle (we sold drew's truck), so that means i'm confined to the house today! lucky for you, i've actually got time to update the blog! :)

wednesday was lana's 4 month birthday. she got her shots and it was terrible just like the 2month ones. i'm not looking forward to 6months. BOO! but she weighs 12lbs exactly and is 23 3/4 inches long. about the 25th % for both. we have a little girl! but the doc said we could start introducing solid foods, so we did! last night before fireworks we got some cereal and had lana try it out. i don't think she was completely sold on it. i don't blame her. it smelled like baby vomit. :)

4th of july....well, we thought it was gonna be super! flower mound was setting of fire works at flower mound high school. we're probably no more than 1 mile from the school so we thought we'd watch them from our front yard. i'm not quite sure why, but we didn't see anything. we heard a lot and saw flashes of colors between the tree branches across the street, but no "fireworks". bummer. last year we watched them in hawaii and the year before was in boston. let's just say i was VERY disappointed. poor lana. maybe next year.

last night we also went to church with some friends of ours who attend the village. the first time drew and i went we weren't very impressed. i think maybe the sermon was too simplistic. but last night was great. their minister is an ACU alumni so we're partial! haha but the sermon was super and it was great to worship with friends who don't go to the same church as us.

say a little prayer for me...i'm still really struggling with this working mom thing. i know it's really hard on drew to see how hard it is on me. lana's schedule is so jacked up thanks to daycare, she's decided to start getting up at 5am, i'm fearing that we're gonna have to supplement with formula due to low production (work/stress/time)....i'm just really not handling this very well right now. so just keep me/drew/lana in your prayers.

other than that, not a lot going on! here are some pictures!

waitin to see why she was in her new chair!

oh, mom! this can't be edible!

hmmm....can't decide what to think.

this is how i found lana saturday morning. she sleeps like her cousin, corbin!

and sometimes she breaks free of her blanket...this was during nap time

hope you all have a super sunday!