Friday, October 17, 2008

in honor of the sox, i will blog in red today

last night the sox faced elimination in game 5 of the ALCS versus tampa bay. the game started at 7pm....and i fell asleep at 730. some fan i am, right? guess i was tired. but at 9pm, i woke up, woke drew up (who was also asleep on the other couch) and we went to bed. no sense staying up to watch the sox lose, right? they were down 5-0 in the 5th. yikes. guess there's always next year. well, at 630 this morning, drew called me (freaked me out because no one ever calls the house phone that early unless its an emergency!) and told me "they won!" holy cow, what? yes, it's true. the sox came back from being down 7-0 to winning it in the 9th! they're the ultimate come back team!!!! GO SOX!

here's a pic of drew & me at fenway last summer!

tonight drew will be at the marcus/southlake game on the sidelines. i had every intention of going, but apparently, it's sold out. so, i think i may just go hang out with my mom instead. or, maybe i'll clean my house. that would be fun! (i'm in such a cleaning mood lately!) but i think marcus has a chance! southlake lost to coppell last friday in overtime, but that shows they're very much human now! they can actually lose!

tomorrow, i think we're going to go register! who knows if it's too early, too late, right one time, but i'm ready! and we've picked out the furniture we want, so that might be purchased this weekend as well. we'll see.

and if you missed it, there are pictures of our baby further down the blog!!!!

hope you all have a fantastic friday & weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

picture time!

hey guys! i went to my 20 week appointment today...the sono intensive one where they look at all of her organs one by one to make sure everything looks good. and everything is PERFECT! :)hooray! so pray that she stays super healthy!

the appointment was so much fun. i was sad that drew couldn't be there, but was able to get a lot on video so he could still 'be there'. unfortunately, i won't be able to load the's on VHS. i'm gonna have to find someone to transfer it to DVD before that can happen. our little one was such a performer today! she was stretching her legs out as much as she possibly could, which meant she was kickin my bladder--she likes to tap dance on it. actually, we caught her tapping her foot against it! and i thought maybe i'd been feeling her move, but wasn't sure. well, while we were looking at her she got the hiccups! and the hiccups must have scared her because she immediately kicked HARD! and that's when i confirmed that i have been feeling her move! most of the video she's burying her head in my organs trying to flip around....and her bum is up in the air! but at one point, she threw her head back, and slung her hand up on her forehead as if to say, "oh! this diva needs a break from all the paparazzi!" ha! apparently we've got a little drama queen on our hands! we're gonna have to nip that one in the bud real fast! :) but today was by far my favorite appointment. it's the first time i got to hear the heartbeat....weird, right? i'm so sad drew missed it! if i would've been on top of things, i could've recorded it on my phone for him....but of course i wasn't. :(

ok, this picture is the one where her head is thrown back and her little hand is on her brow! you can see her spinal cord, and her chest puffed out! and her little nose sticking up in the air (hopefully she's got drew's nose!)

this picture is kind of like a skeletal outline of her face....since her skin is so thin, you could see right thru her eyelids to her eye balls! kinda freaky! but still adorable. see the little bow drawn with dots on her forehead?

that's all for now! hope you all had as exciting of a wednesday as we did!