Sunday, May 25, 2008

WARNING! SCARY STORY! (unless its daytime!)

drew & i usually go to church on saturday nights. and last night we had a guest speaker who went to acu with our minister, chris & his wife, tara. the guy who spoke is marcus brecheen and he's the campus minister at the north richland hills location of gateway church in southlake. well, marcus spoke regarding 2Kings 6 that talks about the arameans and elisha--great sermon. but there was a part in there where he told a personal story about staying in botswana, africa for the summer. i guess the people of botswana live in fear of demons, and marcus had been raised thinking that demons weren't real today like they were in the bible days. he said one night he was asleep in bed, and woke up all of a sudden to the presence of a demon--he didn't see it, but he absolutely knew it was in the room with him. he said he laid under his covers, clinching his covers, and repeatedly saying "in the name of jesus, i demand you leave!" but the demon wouldn't leave. after 5 hours of repeating that over and over, the demon finally left his room when the sun came up. he said it was the scariest night of his life. a time later, he was speaking about his experience with someone, and they told him why the demon wouldn't leave, even though he was calling on jesus. it's because the demon could sense his fear.

well, that leads to my crazy story last night. a little background information for you: first of all, i have people VERY close to me who have woken up in the middle of the night to either the audible voice of God, or they actually saw an angel. i would LOVE for this stuff to happen to me, but i kinda put God in a box--i get really freaked out at night, so i'd prefer it to be the daytime. HA! who would dare ask such a thing of the Lord? i'm weird, i know. i just get kinda freaked out at night anyway....i make drew walk with me to the other side of the house if i need something. i'm talking, REALLY freaked out (i watch the news WAY too much!). so, anyway, i was up in the middle of the night last night to go to the bathroom. and while i was in the bathroom, i had my normal freak out of "what if God decided to talk to me right now!", which turned into, "what if there's a demon in my room and he can smell my fear & won't leave!". i know. so random why i would even think about these things at 2am. so i went back to bed & tried to fall asleep. my heart was racing, i was sweating out of control, and i couldn't bring myself to move in my bed. the only comfort i had was that drew was right next to me. so, i woke him up. i told him what was going on (he already knows i freak out about talking with God in the bathroom at night) and he said, "i don't know what you want me to do!" and then rolled over and went back to sleep! so i grabbed the remote as fast as i could and turned on HGTV so i could hopefully forget. i would forget when the shows were on, but remember again when it went to commercial. it was so horrible! then when i was watching my third episode of rob & big, i finally dozed off. but i would wake back up minutes later because my dog would make a noise (toketee snores louder than drew most times!) and i'd get freaked out all over again. i found myself counting down the minutes until the sun would come up because marcus said that's when the demon left his room.

now let me clarify, i'm not saying that there was a demon in my room. i'm saying that i completely freaked myself out last night afraid that a demon MIGHT show up & that my fear would keep him from leaving! so, here it is 1030 in the morning and i'm still a little afraid that a demon might come into my house, get in my dogs, and make them go off a river bank and drown (matthew 8:32). i know i know. i must have one of the most active imaginations in the world. i need to knock it off! and so what if God decides to talk to me in the middle of the night! and so what if an angel is coming to check on me in the middle of the night and i happen to see him/her. i should feel so lucky that God chose to reveal himself to me visually--most aren't so lucky.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

It is finished!

things have been super busy with moving everything out of my parents house. last saturday we went over there and helped box up rooms, take loads to my mom's storage unit, and move things into my dad's pod. closing was actually friday, so we had to get EVERYTHING out of the house before then. needless to say, we're last minute workers....drew and i showed up thursday after work to move the remaining stuff--the washer, dryer, fridge, couch, chair, entertainment center, etc. when we pulled up, the roofers were there replacing the roof, and the ac man was there servicing the ac. talk about a lot going on!!!

we loaded the uhaul up until 830 and then went to storage to unload it. we were done unloading at 950, but still had to return the truck. we were home around 11, but none of us had eaten dinner, so we sat in the kitchen eating cereal and sandwiches. it was late night fun!

i'm pretty sad that the house i grew up in is no longer my parents', but i'm so happy that the last piece of this never ending divorce fiasco is over. it's been dragging out since Oct 2004! yes, you're reading that right! 3 1/2 years! but hooray for closing on friday. we're going to cookout today and celebrate!!! it is finished!!!

here's the house and the pod

here's isaac, amidst the boxes in the garage

and judah did his part by blowing the grass out of the cracks in the concrete!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

ranger game

so, saturday night (after graduation) drew & i met up with some friends at the ranger game. drew has this amazing way of cutting deals with students--we buy things for their fundraisers, and they give us unbelievable seats to sporting events....its works out great for us! so because we support the marcus marauder football team, and because nick's dad works indirectly for the rangers, we got to see the home team win their 5th straight game! our seats were right behind home plate, but we were inside in air conditioning, sitting in leather recliners, eating a free buffet, and being served by our waitress. how can i ever buy my own tickets again???

Saturday, May 10, 2008


amber, judah, jacob, dad, jimmy, mom, jamie, drew & isaac in the front!

so, jimmy graduated! Yeah! he now officially has a degree in psychology from the university of oklahoma. the ceremony wasn't too bad, but that was because we left right after he walked across the stage--we had to get a table for lunch! priorites, you know! and despite the awkwardness of my parents being at the same place together, it really turned out to be a good weekend. we had a lot of fun staying with jimmy in his apartment friday night, and spending the day with him, melissa, & my sister's family. here are some pics of the new grad and of his special day! congratulations, jimmy! we're so proud of all you've accomplished!!!

amber, jamie, & drew

jimmy & melissa (mo)

jamie, jimmy, & amber

inside lloyd noble center--where the sooners play basketball!