Friday, June 26, 2009


no words, just pictures!

lana taking a ride on toketee

last weekend drew and i went on a staycation at the hilton in southlake for our anniversary. we had such a great time. crazy how you can be 20 minutes from home and still feel like you're on vacation! we ate at the cheesecake factory for our anniversary dinner. this is me and lana waiting for our table!

drew and lana get quite a bit of play time now that he's off for the summer!

here's a picture of lana before going to 'school'! the pants are still a little big, but too cute! thanks, nana, for the outfit! it finally starting to fit!

more to come! hope you all have a super weekend! I apologize for the delay in updates!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


here's a video of lana 'talking'....she does quite a bit of this these days.

and here is a super cute picture of lana. this outfit is from some good friends of drew's family in oregon. it's size newborn, but is just now fitting lana! ha! and it's nothing i would've ever picked out, but as soon as i put it on i loved it. i don't know what it is...maybe it just makes me think of clothing from decades ago--maybe when my mom was a baby. regardless, she's adorable. as always. :)

we are having a hard time letting the dogs out since we're missing the fence. surprisingly, i think they're sick of being inside all the time. i'm with 'em. i'm ready for them to have their yard back! the adjuster is coming saturday so hopefully we'll get something going pretty soon in terms of repair. by the way...the tornado touched down 2 miles from us! we were huddled in the pantry waiting for the 'all clear'....the power kept going in and out so it was hard to tell when it was safe to come out. luckily, we didn't lose power completely like many of our friends in surrounding cities.

the side fence next to our A/C

the split tree in our neighbor's yard

drew has been sick all weekend, so i've been trying to keep him away from lana. she's still congested (so am i) but slowly getting better. he has a basketball camp to work this week, so hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow.

as for lana, she's still super at daycare. we're trying to adjust her schedule to eating every 3 1/2 - 4 hours...she's taking to spreading out eatings well, but i'm having a hard time figuring out how to make it work smoothly with our commute and her bedtime. seems like she won't sleep through the night if she goes down before 9:15. and it's hard because one of her last feedings at daycare is actually supposed to occur as we're on our way home from work/daycare--impossible. i tell you what...this work/daycare thing is throwing a wrench into my schedule planning! :) so, say a little prayer for us. it's stressful for me trying to decide the best way to change things when i'm not there every second mentally taking notes of what works and doesn't work. it's always harder when someone else is taking care of the baby instead of me....what mom wouldn't say that! so needless to say, i'm still adjusting to having to work. but on a side note, i did finish applying for teaching positions! i'm almost positive nothing will come of it this year, but hopefully it'll get the ball rolling for next year. even if i just get called in for a few interviews with no offers it'll help having that experience.

hope you all had a great weekend. they go way too fast for me. :(

Saturday, June 6, 2009

the faske family

noah joel faske was born june 6th at 4:16pm. he weighed 8lbs 12oz!!! BIG BOY! :) my sister's first was 6lbs 12oz, her second was 7lbs 12oz, and now the third is 8lbs 12oz! crazy! so all are doing well and they hope to go home monday.

Isaac, Judah, & baby Noah

also, my brother-in-law, jacob, has an interview for a position in southern houston tuesday. pray that he gets it! although i don't want them to move, he REALLY dislikes working for Dallas ISD and needs to get out of there. so pray that a door will open and provide them an opportunity to go somewhere he'll be an effective teacher--and not overworked! now with 3 boys, they really need all hands on deck!

that's it for now. more to come! :)

exciting news!

well, my sister is in labor as we speak! That means we're going to have a new nephew by the end of the day, and a new cousin for lana! YEAH! pray for my sis and her family in this transition--it'll be their third son with all 3 under 5 yrs old. 

drew is officially out of school....which means i officially hate my job. it's hard going to work since i'm coming off maternity leave, but even harder when i know drew is just hanging out at home. i'm glad he's getting a much deserved break though.

lana is doing super. she's adjusting to daycare well, and i have lunch with her every day. it's a lot of fun. she's already learning so many new things. and last week she did her first art project! they stripped the babies down to their diapers, laid them on white paper, put a water color brush in their hands, and let them do their thing. it is 100% done by lana and only lana. adorable. i can't wait to hang it on the fridge. and the pictures they took are precious. but i'm not in possession of those just yet. i'll post them as soon as i am. she got a little bit of water color on her first i thought she'd had an 'incident'. but no biggie. came right off. she's also talking so's music to my ears. i could just sit and listen to her and watch her all day. crazy how life changes.

last weekend we had a bit of an 'incident' ourselves. saturday afternoon we were all taking naps. drew got up to take care of lana and thought it was super hot in the house. he checked the thermostat and it said 80. hmmm...weird. whatever. it's hot outside. well, about an hour or two passed and we finally realized that this was a problem. we called the a/c people to come out and they looked around. decided it was the circuit board, but told us nothing could be done until tuesday--they had to order the part. we were going to tough it out, but at midnight it was still 82 in the house. windows open, box fans going, still unbearable for little lana. she was getting sick. so we packed up and headed to the embassy suites. we stayed there saturday and sunday night. and although i didn't want to be paying money for a place to say, it was so fun! like a little mini vacation! so, monday & tuesday nights our friend bambi let us stay with her. luckily, everything was fixed by wednesday night. i'll spare you the details. basically, we had shorted wires, blown transformer, and a shorted circuit board. i had a dream last night that the bill was $2500...hopefully that won't be the case. we're still waiting on the invoice! :(

anyway, that's all for now. our house is cool and we're getting ready to head to rockwall to meet little noah for the first time. pictures to come! happy weekend!!!!