Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 month update!

i don't even know how to get you caught up on what's happened since february. in one way, so much has happened...but in another, it's just kinda been life. nothing too incredibly exciting although it's definitely kept us on our toes!

the school year started off with a bang...drew got strep over labor day and was down and out for a solid week. he'd probably tell you that a month later he still doesn't feel "normal". it was pretty bad - anything with a 104 degree fever has to be bad!

then a few weeks ago i took lana to the doctor because she'd been coughing for several weeks. i figured if it was a cold it would take several to go away. she had no fever. she hadn't slowed down one bit. so you can imagine i was shocked to find out she had pneumonia! whoa!!

so we got lana all healed up, drew kinda healed up, only for this weekend to be more than busy. lana came home from school friday with LICE! its disgusting. so we've been washing everything, cleaning everything, disinfecting everything...not fun at all. i've never done this much laundry. i'm wondering if there's a preventative shampoo out there we can all 3 use to make sure this never happens again! drew and i are clear as of now...

in other news....i leave for china in a few weeks. i'm pretty excited about going! it will be interesting to say the least. jcp is sending me and a few other people to tour factories, mills, and the ports. since my job is planning production lines and capacities it's going to be very helpful to understand the process. i'll try to upload pictures when i get back. no promises. clearly. ha!

i'll leave you with some pictures of the past 7 months! enjoy your sunday!

lana and her cousin corbin playing on the teeter totter

playing at the park by the coast

fishing out of the side of grandpa's boat in oregon

getting her face painted for 4th of july!

the fam!

at the coast looking for sea anemones and star fish

face painting - her first time

ready to get on the plane and head to oregon (430am!!!)

bowling for the first time

the 3 of us at the coast

4th of july fireworks

riding the horse in nana and grandpa's basement

4D movie at lego land

painted fingernails! her newest thing

her first day of preschool!

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