Monday, February 13, 2012

great studies!

oh, man, people. lots going on right now and i'm fired up!

if you need some studies, our church is doing a series on galatians that is just incredible. we're 2 weeks in so go back and listen to the sermons. i think you'll enjoy it!

also, at our small group last night our group leaders were talking about a sermon series that mark driscoll of mars hill church in seattle is doing. he has a book that goes along with it and he's probably about 5 sermons into this series called real marriage. i'm fortunate enough to be in a career where as i build and analyze spreadsheets all day i can listen to sermons. i'm am just being incrediblly blessed by this series (although i only started listening today, i'm 3 sermons in already!) drew and i are going to get the book/study guide and start it as a time of study for us. i highly encourage you to listen! take notes! and apply it! :)

also, we're coming up on ash wednesday that's usually the start of lent. LENT? yes. i did just say lent. i don't know why, but i've never really thought about lent or actually observing it. probably because of my traditional church of christ upbringing where we didn't do it if it wasn't in the bible. CLEARLY in the bible, actually. so when the village published a lent guide and suggested we actually observe it this year, my first response was, "i'm not catholic". see, right there it shows you what i know (or don't, actually). so then i thumbed through the guide and thought, you know, maybe i should do this. because why in the world not? why not have a set devotional where i'm "following God into the wilderness" to see what he wants to reveal to me? i spend entirely too much time NOT following God into the wilderness, so i'm certain this is going to be transforming.

and if that's not enough we just finished a book called vintage jesus with our small group. wonderful, just wonderful. i love how i think i know everything and then i read a book like this and its revealed to me that i really don't know anything at all. it discusses some controversial points that i really didn't realize were so controversial. like, why was it so important that mary be a virgin? and how do we know that jesus really did raise from the dead (which i didn't realize so many people didn't agree with..."christians" who didn't agree with it). plus there's a wonderful chapter on prophetic words and how jesus fulfills those prophecies. i absolutely loved it. and highly recommend it.

hope you're all having a wonderful monday! pray for warm weather. HE HEARS OUR PRAYERS! :)

and a pic of me and my girl who's almost THREE! WHAAAA?????

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